MONDAY MONDAY was all I hoped it would be…

Who said my blog was boring!
      Well I managed to get out of the house before Noon! I did a bit of shopping

Squeeze your own Oranges

and stopped for a light breakfast before returning to the house to drop off my shopping.  

Peter did my laundry with his and I helped him clean out the refrigerator by eating some yogurt.  

      Just after boarding the Tram I got off not far away to get some money and pick up some new Hash away from the Center where its a bit cheaper.

ATM Close by for Convenience

 I remembered a Village Bagel shop that I wanted to try and had promised myself to do some walking.

Mother Daughter entering Traffic

70 Y.Old Plus wearing her colors riding her Mini Bike

  A few blocks later I arrived and relaxed with a bagel but could get no photos from that “Arab” area so continued until I reached the Market Place…a mile long side street that always had anything you wanted and was a great place for photos.  

Nepalese Nursing

      When I reached the end of the market I heading for the Leidseplein, another “square” that formed a center for entertainment.

 I got lost and ended up at Museumsplein…a better place that houses the famous Rijksmuseum as well a couple others.  I was exhausted and sat for some time while taking a few photos then off for my original destination when I saw the newly (in the last 5 years) renovated Rijksmuseum so took a few photos and decided to return to tour it another day.  

    Finally I arrived at the Liedsplein, after purchasing some “Mushrooms”, still exhausted so had an Iced Tea and decided at 5pm to take the Tram back home. Peter and I were to have that beer we missed last night because of his late arrival.

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