Kay and I agreed to another of our luncheon outings today.  I would be gone shortly and having been sick last week , we never did see each other.  It was a beautiful day…as usual, when I arrived at her apartment for our appointment.  
      We walked to Danzante…one of the most upscale restaurants in

Oaxaca…expecting a really nice meal.  The restaurant, along with most during this busy Easter time, was not offering Comida just a la carte from the menu.  Kay started with a “Fondue” in a Rustic Bread Roll.   I got one too but don’t remember ordering it so refused it.  Good thing as it was chunks of maybe Swiss cheese in a Mushroom puree that looked like re fried beans .  All served luke warm in an oversized hollowed out Roll.  She never finished it.  I offered her some of my main course of Ancho Chili stuffed with  grasshoppers, and something else which made it bearable but not filling or exceptional.  She suggested we go to Biznaga and have a real meal.  I finished my custard dessert with

figs and chocolate, took the last swig of a glass of Cabernet, paid the bill and we were in line at Biznaga…30 minute wait.              This was Holy Thursday when people are out visiting 7 Churches or temples.   This is a custom from Roman times and brings everyone out on the street going from church to church…and eating in between.  
         I suggested a restaurant next door, Zignaya, that neither of us had been and had great reviews.  That also had a line out the door.  Kay said she always enjoyed the Hamberguesas at the Camino Del Real Hotel at $14 each but well worth it?

 I was full but joined her for an Neive Sorbet and another glass of wine.  I didn’t see the hamburg as special but she polished it right off with gusto.
       She meets with friends on Thursdays around 5 pm for coffee at a nice place near the Opera.  I joined her and recognized Bruce and met John for the first time.  John had been around Central America for a number of years and Oaxaca for the last year.  He was from a suburb outside of Toronto, well educated and interesting to talk to, as was Bruce.  

      The morning of Good Friday had processions all over town at the different churches.  I overslept and was awaken by singing in the local procession just outside my compound.  I was on the computer around 9:30 when the 7.2 Mexico City earthquake struck and moved my building.  Well it swayed for about 15 seconds. Great way to start Good Friday.  The maid shooed me out the door an hour later but all processions were done and the streets were quiet.

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