I was determined to end this suffering sore throat.  Mag was still closed this morning.  I believe he is one of many that shutter their doors during Holy Week.  The lavenderia wasn’t, thank goodness.  I dropped off the last of my laundry and headed for Llano park to get my News.  Hector was also closed for Holy Week so I headed for the “free” Doctor Adrianna at the Ahorra Farmacia. 
        Many Farmacias have doctors free of charge and you buy your drugs at that Farmacia.  Adrianna had me on her computer when in July of last year I lost an ear bud in my ear…don’t ask…but it was painful.  She could only refer me to the hospital after confirming such a stupid act.  The Reforma Hospital had the tools to extract it without damaging the eardrum…like it could be any worse than it is. This time around she diagnosed an infection and gave me “antibiotics” again…with a decongestant and ibuprofen.  I filled the combo antibiotic/decongestant capsules and took one. Called Mucocef for respiratory infections. Wish I had started last week but feel better already.

      I arrived at the library early and took advantage of their Internet provider to upload my photos to the clouds and play a game of poker while waiting.
           Jan, a wonderful retired Sociology Professor from U of Chicago and in her 80’s showed up.  I hadn’t seen her since I took a collectivo with her to a Village to visit a young girl she was Mentoring and sending to U of Chicago on a scholarship at only 16 years of age.  She introduced me to the family and the girl after we had lunch. She was trying to sell me her home there.  She already build another home and had this one rented but the renters left so she wanted to let it go. I thought it nice but too remote for me.

     Then another long time resident of Oaxaca arrived.  I heard she was from North Carolina that divorced well and had a couple homes in Oaxaca with a Condo on Storrow Drive in Boston overlooking Cambridge and the Charles River.  She would call the Ritz and have dinner delivered.  Very friendly , polite and enjoys a drink. She recognized me and did say hello. 

     I left and went to treat myself at a really upscale restaurant.  I hadn’t had breakfast or lunch so thought a Comida was in order.

 I sat overlooking the Zocalo but no Comida’s were served at this place…full menu only.  I had a tasty but not the best French Onion Soup then a Basque dish of Bacala..Salt Cod that was supposed to have the salt soaked out of it…It didn’t.

 Very salty.  I ate what I could and $40 later left never to recommend it.   
     When I returned home, I discovered the electric was off.  I reported it to the Tere and left to pick up some water and yogurt at the Chedraui supermarket.  The electric company had their truck outside the front gate when I left so assumed I would have electric when I returned.  The truck was gone, the lights at the entrance came on when I hit the switch…but no electric at my unit.  I was told the truck was on it’s way.  I said it was there but left.

 There is no bell at the door so unless you have a key, you can’t get in. 
             I couldn’t get on the Internet so left and went to visit Kay.  She was out so I headed for Biznaga when a car pulled up and a lady asked if I was looking for Katherine?  She said she saw me come out of the building and looking around.  I explained I was looking for Kay.  I think she was German but then drove off…I continued to Biznaga.

 On the way I noticed another demonstration of protesters.  I thought it might be the ones I saw earlier so took some photos then saw tents up the street.  Turned out the tents were Oaxacan Crafts for sale from all over the state.  I decided to browse them when I came to the carvers of St Martin.  I mentioned the famous Manuel Jimenenz.  The man said he was Manual Jimenenz.  I got out my book and showed him the story of him and how he changed the culture of San Martin.  He introduced me to his wife and daughter.  They paint his carvings.  I didn’t want any but then thought twice when I saw a series of Cat Carvings.

 Chris has two cats so I thought it a perfect gift for her and bought one.  He then told me he was Fernando Lopez not Jimenez.  I took some photos and we parted friends.  It was a joy to meet a family so personable, likable, gentle, giving, and TALENTED. Got to visit San Martin.
       Biznaga was doing a brisk business when I arrived.  I wasn’t really hungry, just wasting time until the electric was turned on.  I had a Sangria, a Wine, Melon Port Soup, and an Apple Tart with Chocolate Walnut Ice Cream and left.


       I was just leaving the Zocalo when a light rain started.  No one paid any attention.  We haven’t had any was just a teaser.  Well it did rain.  Not a lot but great thunder and lightening with moisture taking the dust out of the air…and the smell of rain.  The is the hot month but it has only been hot for two week and then only in the afternoon. The warm breeze turned to cool wind.  I opened the doors when I arrived and within 30 minutes it was chilly and I closed up the place for the evening.  The electric was on.
      This   morning was perfect likyesterday…Spring fragrance of beautiful blooming flowers, Orchids, Birds of Paridise, Vibrant Reds, Orange, and Yellows. The right temperature with a slight breeze of fresh air. 

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