Streets of Oaxaca were quiet after the processions and earthquake.  Business was starting to pick up at the Zocalo when I arrived.

 I set up my computer inside of El Importanado and ordered the Americano Breakfast.  It was crap…and their advertised Wi-Fi kept going in and out.  I left for Black Coffee…a nice Air Conditioned (yes…first I’d experienced…too cold) artsy Cafe.  

     I wandered around the afternoon and took some photos as the churches were setting up for the evening processions.

 A mysterious man gave me a fortune:  I will have one day of unexpected joys and sharing with your love ones!  Sounds good. I didn’t stick around and walked home. 

                  Thunder and Lightening were threatening a rain that never came.  My next door neighbor said Hello from her balcony…we agreed it was a good Good Friday and she returned to entertaining her guest…a Black man.  Don’t see many in Mexico.  I suspect he has been staying with her.  I went to bed early.
     ASO Cafe was opened this morning.  That is the place I had a reservation for a Studio and cancelled.  She has 3 one bedrooms that are booked next year. I had such a nice breakfast and their Wi-Fi is like lighting that I almost asked her to  put on the list for cancellations.

      I walked into the center enjoying the cool breeze and stopped at a cafe for some fresh OJ .  Mid Afternoon I walked up to Biznaga but they were packed again so returned to the Zocalo after spending some time on a public computer printing out my itinerary for the next two weeks.  It is an evil necessity to accomplish all my appointments and tasks required upon returning to the states. Jump start the car being number one.
    I returned to El Importanado. Cheap good wine and fair food for a tourist trap. They are friendly and give good service.  I read another story in my book. I think I’m going to finish it before I check out of here on Tues. Amazing true stories about Mexico. I had the Pasta Alfredo while waiting for the Tuna that was advertised for 7 pm.  It was 7:30 when I paid the bill and left…only to discover they were on “stage” in front of the Zocalo and I had been expecting them touring around.  

I took some photos, enjoyed the music, then got my fortune told again: 

 “Your open mind will make you feel a special interest today for the unknown,  You’ll want to go for no known or discovered worlds and achieve greater personal well-being. Your relationships will be outgoing and  able to establish new friendships and to work together.” 

           I then took a taxi back. Easter Sunday Manana…Rejoice.

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