The concert I attended was a group of gifted students that had been selected for their ability in the Performing Arts.

 Peter from the library was there so I sat with him.  One row up was the lady that invited me, tears in her eyes as she and her husband watched their daughter sing with the group.  She invited me to another performance the next night across the street at one of the many Cathedrals.  Her daughter came up to me after to thanks me for coming and also invite me.  Peter and I went to the Zocalo to chat before heading home.  

     Sabado I woke after 13 hours sleep feeling much better.  I finally decided to go get something to eat.  A walk around the Zocalo with a visit to the Cathedral to see “Maria” sing and I ended up at the El Sante Fe where Fernando greeted me warmly…especially when I ordered the NY Strip Steak rare. 
        Thinking he had a broiler or gas grill I explained just one minute on both sides. He did and I had to send it back.  I realized with no “score marks” he was cooking on a griddle or flat top  Second time was perfect and it was a good 14 oz steak.  My stomach wasn’t used to having to digest all that protein and my energy level went down so I went home.

    Domingo I woke still clogged up with a stuffed up , bleeding , running nose. It had been a week now so decided to go see Dr Z tomorrow if it continued.  72% outside and sunny…I need to shower and get out for a long walk.  

     I spent the afternoon lounging around the Zocalo and in my Cafe with the Lady of Sorrows shrine before taking a taxi home.  When I arrived the driver didn’t have change for a 50 Peso bill…the fare was 40 Pesos (normally 35).  When I told him I didn’t have change, as the bus behind us was beeping his horn, he said neither did he.  I finally fumbled around and pulled out my wallet and found two twenty peso bills as the bus horn increased its frequency so my blood pressure kept rising along with my anger.  It is so frustrating that no one ever has change….at least for a gringo! 

      When I came in the gate, my landlady was there.  I explained again that I had some things for Yagul but there was a lady there for two months.  Perhaps she could ask the lady if she wanted to utilize these chairs and cushions, etc.  She said she would store them for me so I guess I wait until the last day to pack and store the balance of my belongings.  She has been nice about all of it.  Then she said she didn’t have a barking dog…just one old one that she never lets out…BUT now she does have a little barking poodle that yaps.  I’m glad my space is at the end of the compound.  I think I’m starting to get stressed with only a week left before departure and me still fighting this sore throat.  Tomorrow I have to call the Veterans Hospital to reschedule an appointment they set for me for next Monday. The day before my departure.

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        Well after an hour and a half as the 17th caller in line then disconnected at number 5 and three other similar tries, I gave up.  I did get to leave a message.  I went for breakfast at Mag’s but he was closed so the facade could be painted. I felt better so didn’t visit the Doctor and instead picked up some Alka Seltzer.  I had breakfast at Marco Polo…big Mexican breakfast…too much. I arrived at the library with my computer for Bill to look at.  He had it up and running in 5 minutes.  Kay stopped by and we chatted a bit but I returned home instead of having coffee. It was hot and I didn’t get much sleep.  When the bus came to my stop I moved one foot forward the the other just slipped right off the step and I was in the street. It was like I fell through a trap door and I still don’t know how it happened.  Thank God I had a hold of the rail.  I slept two hours as soon as I walked in the door.  I checked the time when I got up and called the VA.  I got my appointment rescheduled with no problem.

Los Mariposas Closed Holy Week

       I took the bus into town and headed for the Sante Fe again.  Lovely dinner then taxi home again.  The area was packed with people having fun.

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