Sunday I woke with a sore throat.  I wanted to deal with it ASAP with only a short time before departure. Lobos Azul Cafe was like a whole foods , healthy menu and seemed like the place to nurse myself back to health.   I had a lentil soup with pineapple, and tomato.   A nice Coconut, Ginger Mate all accompanied by bread and ants. So much for healthy food at Lobos.   I can make soup at home.  I wandered to the  Zocalo but it was quiet after last night’s carnival.

          Monday at Mag’s for Breakfast and a few movies.  Six to be exact…all action packed thrillers or Academy Award winners.  Great to watch while in bed sick. 

Real Corn

        Tuesday it cooled way down requiring me to unpack a sweater I haven’t had a chance to wear in Mexico.  I had wasted a couple days with Hemroid’s and a sore throat and was anxious to get out of the studio.  
        I ventured out pick up some Preparation H and to pick up a Botana (assorted Oaxacan appetizers) to contribute  to Men’s Happy Hour at Casa Charle’s.  The pharmacy didn’t have what I wanted but instead had a Mexican cream with Lidocaina/Hidrocortisona/Oxido de Zinc…did the trick after months of suffering.  I went back and bought more to bring back to the States.  The Tipico Restaurantante also prepared a great Botana that all enjoyed.  

         The conversation was not our typical Whas Up stuff but more like discovering your roommate’s strangled body upon arrival one evening.  This was over two years ago. Then went to  90% of all crime goes unsolved…no one is prosecuted.  Police don’t make enough or are guilty themselves.   Reward for information on social net then nothing until this week from a suspected spammer in the Philippines.
          I did meet a new person that had been in Oaxaca quite a while.  He was in the Peace Corp in Africa when I was in Vietnam.  He then came to Vietnam after me to work for USAID where he spent 2-3 years in Nha Trang, then was transferred to other places in Vietnam.  Nice man and a little older than me by a couple of years.   We had a nice time and all left around 7 PM.  I took the slowest bus trip ever.  The driver drove slow…unheard of in Mexico…but always arrived with the traffic at the stop.   Everyone boarded in slow motion to Romantic Spanish music playing on the driver’s boom box.   It was at Dusk and like a dream…so strange. Could be the wine and the hit on the pipe as I was saying goodbye.

      Wednesday I spent nursing myself back with chicken broth, juice and rest.  I had a nose bleed…first ever…and coughing up some blood at night.  I couldn’t stay in so on Thursday took a trip to the library in hopes of finding Bill to help me with my computer. 
          A lady moved into my future place across the way and shut me out of my Internet provider.  We have 5 providers in the compound but she locked into mine and choose not to share it.  Now I couldn’t get on any of them with the Acer computer I had.  It kept saying Need to Renew IP address.  My other computer was OK but I had pictures on the Acer to upload to the clouds for my blog and couldn’t. 
      When I boarded the bus, I sat next to an architect with some drawings.  He was barking ordered into his smart phone to do a google search.  Se Habla Google? , I asked?  At first he looked puzzled then started to laugh.  He was an instructor at the local school.  We talked for the entire bus ride. He was from Veracruz and was having a hard time finding work in his profession.  We talked about Mexico’s place in the world with some world class architects as well as Spain’s.  

     Bill wasn’t at the library so I left to return another movie to Mag and get something to eat when a lady jumped out of her car and nervously approached me.  She explained her daughter, who shyly sat in the car peering out, has a homework assignment to interview a gringo for English and also for her music class.  I agreed and the Mother proceeded to grab the interview from her daughter and start to ask me the questions…I stopped her and said I agreed to have your “daughter” interview me not you.  She gave the paper to her daughter who proceeded to read the questions in perfect English.  They were mostly about my attitude and opinion of the influence of music in my daily life as well as on the world.  When the interview was done I asked if she played an instrument or was musically inclined.  She just started singing in a school choir and her debut was this Friday.  I was invited and accepted to attend the recital at the Palace Museum in the Zocalo at 7 PM.  

      I walked over to the bus stop but protests by the FPR…Communists Party over what I’m not sure…Teachers…etc.  This time there were rallies in the Zocalo and thousands of people that had been bussed and trucked in from all over.  Some carrying lead pipe clubs about 4 feet long.  Some were wrapped in duct tape and others were just bare metal.  They were blocking all the access roads near the Zocalo and bus routes.   It was hot and I was tired when I arrive to return the movie to Mag then came home to rest. 

           That evening I was ready to waken my landlady because I was bumped of my Network just as I made an “All In” Poker bet with a Flush.  Then I discovered I could get on another network and block anyone else from interfering so I had my own network and the landlady got a good nights rest.  I still lost the poker game and still had my Acer computer that needed a tune up.
         It’s Friday and the maid came and cleaned the room.  I returned from the shopping to pack last of my things to go into storage at the place across from me that was occupied.  The rest will go under the stairwell here for 6 months in a box.
I’m off now for dinner and a choir recital.  I think the protesters went home.  My coffee shop had a shrine to the lady of Guadalupe with a drummer and trumpet in front to bring attention.   Friday of Our Lady of Sorrows.    Many people came in off the street to bless themselves and say a prayer while I had my coffee.  It is the beginning of the end of Lent and Holy Week.  Decorations are going up throughout the city in preparation for the processions that begin in a few days. 

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