Baseball -La Boheme -Danza- Costa Rica

     Sabado is to be a busy day.  There was a Gringo Hot Dog and Beer party with everyone going to the Guerros Team first Friday of the Season Baseball game.  The group had tickets to the 8 pm game but I decided to spend the day relaxing.  


       I had Comida at Mag’s and returned the Cormac McCarthy Movie The Counselor to him. The maid cleaned my room so I decided to Siesta in the heat. 

       I woke at 5 pm, read a bit then ventured down to the Zocalo where I continued my reading on a park bench when I heard music in the distance but continued reading until a religious procession came right by me with the Priest leading the alter boys and the congregation in song with a guitarist accompanying them as they proceeded around the Park.  It was moving.  

       I finished my story about the Folk Art Carvers of Oaxaca and ended up at Lobo Azul Coffee House for Wine and Pasta Carbonara. I was finished and waiting for my bill when a young lady sat at a table across from me.  We struck up a conversation.  She, Dion, just arrived from Sitka Alaska where she had worked and lived as a Social worker for the last 23 years. She was from Washington State/B.C. originally and was on vacation.  We talked a bit about the tribes in Alaska.  She knew them all and was interested in learning about Oaxaca.  We exchanged pleasantries and I told her about a Mayan Dance tomorrow then bid adios for a taxi home.

          Doce horas en Sabado.  I came to the conclusion that it would be difficult for me to make my home anywhere other than Oaxaca. My day started at Aso Cafe, where I had reserved a studio for November then cancelled for my Oasis in Oaxaca…where I am now. I had a Vegetable Omelet with Latte then walked to the Opera House to see La Boheme with Kay.  

        Chuck was sitting on the steps when I arrived at 10:30 and had not seen Kay. I waited until she showed so we could buy seats together on the second floor Luge…like important people we are not. The three of us had some water at the next door Cafe until the doors opened for the performance.

 Four acts and Kay and I were on our way to El Santa Fe to fill our stomachs.  The opera was awesome….as I was to discover…so was the day.
       She had the Salmon this time and I the Chicken. The Comida came with wine so surprisingly she ordered a glass of Red with me?  Then gave it to me as she doesn’t drink wine.  We left after Fernando and Kay did a couple songs together. Not an Opera but good for a musical.  I was impressed…and borachio after two glasses of wine…ready for Siesta.  I left Kay on the corner and took a cab home. 

         The room was hot so I sprayed the sheets with ice water , turned on the fan and awoke just in time for the Plume Dance at Soledad Basilica.  

The place was packed with Mexicans to see another awesome performance in 90 % heat.  Over 70 Plume dancers along with another 30 female assistants filled the arena with the police band accompanying the dance procession. The Plume Dancers did over 7-8 5-10 minute dances in costume with headdresses.  You could see them struggling to catch their breath after each dance. They practiced every night for the last month to do this performance.  Danza de la Plume complements Shannon , an Oaxacan resident, from her blog and You Tube

       I stopped on the way back to the Opera House to see the Costa Rica National Modern Dance Troupe, for some postres.  Little miniature doughnuts cut in half and filled with lemon custard…and cones made of pastry also filled with lemon custard.  I had always avoided this type of Mexican food but was hombre and couldn’t resist 4 for 80 cents.


     Then I encountered a team of Break Dancers doing their thing. Amazing.  The Opera House was close when I saw an all Chrome Trick Bike the creator was showing off. 


     I arrived at the ticket counter just in time but the lady wouldn’t take my money.  It was Libra…free…as was the Plume dancers.  I was impressed but not being a big fan of Modern Dance I was one of three people that ducked out in the middle of the performance.  A big NO NO.

       The Carnival atmosphere of the religious holiday drew me to the Zocalo.  I passed a crowd of onlookers as a trick bike rider jumped over 12 people lying down on the pavement then abruptly stopped in front of the awestruck people…me being one of them. Evil Knievel took a bow and proceeded to demonstrate his ability on a Bicycle. 
             Arriving at the Zocalo, I discovered a whole world of performers and crowds of people.  The Plaza Major in Madrid wished they had this business.  The entertainment surpassed anything in Europe and was cheaper.  Except for the crowds of Mexican…Europeans filled the void.  I settled on a table where I knew they had Serrano Ham and Melon with good house Red wine and placed my order. The last time I had this was in Seville at the Ponce De Leon Plaza in a Bar established in 1650.  It cost double for the same Serrano Ham that had to travel all the way to Oaxaca and I got it for half price.

       Music was everywhere.  A Salsa Band was attracting at lot of attention and dancers. There were the Oaxacan Tuna Mistrals that wandered around with their Medieval Costumes and old instruments, a couple different Mariachi’s Bands, a Trio playing at the restaurant where I sat, then a Blues band as I was catching the taxi home. So ends 12 Hours on Saturday in Oaxaca.
      The next morning I stepped outside and saw butterflies dancing in the yard.  Mexicans say they are the Souls of the Dead.

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