I enjoyed breakfast at Mag’s place this morning then walked to the Merced Mercado to visit.

I wandered around the Fonda’s checking out all the goods then walked to the Coffee House at the Opera House for a Pina Smoothie then bussed home where I met Neils parents visiting from Munich, Germany for the first time.  They will be here 6 weeks and are all excited.

        Tonight I was to meet Mag at 7pm again to visit El Mirador , a over 50 year old restaurant overlooking the city of Oaxaca from Fortin Hill near the Observatory.  I’ve been close to the area but no buses go there and I can’t walk up that Mountain.  Mag met me on foot and explained Miriam, his wife was working late with a client so we would walk over to meet with her and go from there. She was still working so we went ahead and had a beer waiting for her call to pick her up when she was done.  
      The view and the location were awesome.  We had a beer and talked about the business until we decided to order some soup …as soon as we did she called…so we put the soup on hold and Mag went to pick her and the children up while I moved into the restaurant from the balcony where the breeze was getting cold.  

      He showed up with the family shortly but we just had a drink, shared the view and conversation.  Both her son and daughter weren’t feeling well.  Alfredo was having a hard time with his allergies and her daughter was having migraines.  It was getting close to 10 pm so we decided to call it a night and returned home.

      Kay had emailed me requesting I join her for coffee at the Meridian Hotel at 10 am. I managed to arrive and had breakfast while she sipped her coffee and chatted with her Mexican family that adopted her. She wants to have a party when she returns.  It would be at her new place and will serve Mezcalini’s like we had at Casa Oaxaca. Casa Oaxaca won’t give us the recipe so I suggested we go to Biznaga.  The bartender/owner is very knowledgeable and willing to share.  

      She walked me back home to meet Mag at his restaurant while I picked up some Movies he had recommended. I then took her to my Oasis in Oaxaca to show her my studio and future 2 bedroom. She returned and I did Siesta then went back to meet her for dinner at Biznaga…and hopefully get the recipe we needed for her party. 
      We encountered a friend of hers that has a couple homes in Oaxaca and is quite well off. She was hosting a friend she went to first grade with in Greenville N.C. while growing up. She left after school and never returned. Married well and divorced even better. Now has a Penthouse apartment on Commonwealth Ave in Boston overlooking Cambridge and the Charles River.  I went shopping while Kay went to see something she wanted to show her. Kay met me at the park shortly after and we finally made dinner at Biznaga where my friend gave me his recipe for Mezcalini’s. 


              We left to visit the Mezcal store he recommended for the Margey Sweetener for the drink.

 While there Kay wanted to try the Mezcalini’s at Danzantes famous Restaurant next door.  They had one they specialized in that I order and Kay got something else she rejected.  I drank them both then the hostess brought her a complimentary one that I had ordered and she rejected that…I didn’t.  The hostess gave us a complimentary drinks certificate to return.  We bid goodbye to a German couple that was traveling through to the Yucatan on a 3 week holiday and headed for the Zocalo.  I bought a blouse for Chris’s birthday and we ran into Katherine and her friend David at the Zocalo where they bought us a drink and we chatted a bit

. David had been to Oaxaca last year and next year was planning on Argentina.  He had traveled all the tourist spots in Spain and was an active businessman back in Greenville.  I walked Kay to her corner where Hash Harriers were out jogging, then hopped a taxi back while she walked home. Good night.

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