I didn’t get out until around Noon. It was hot so after my Latte and Banana Nut Muffin at the Organic Market I cancelled the Merced Market and ate at Mag’s.  We confirmed our meeting for 7pm to go to Xoxocotacan Village for Night of the Witches. Music , drink (Atole), and oil lamps (only lights in the village) .  This is a special occasion ever Tuesday during Lent. Meanwhile the striking teachers had 15000 people show up at Llano Park and march to the Zocola this afternoon.  I hope they melted. I’m back at my Oasis wishing for Air Conditioning.

      I arrived at Mag’s but no one answered the bell. A gentleman came out from next door and when I told what I was doing he offered to open the door with his key so I could wait inside. His name was Fernando and he was Mag’s Mother-in-Law’s Significant other.  He called Mag who informed him that he was still working on a Cake Stand for a special party and Miriam, his wife would be picking me up shortly.  I choose to wait outside where the neighborhood was walking by. 

     Shortly Miriam showed up with her son Alfredo. Mag was with a friend of his that is a college professor and engineer. He was helping him design a custom Cake stand he was going to use for a special party.  It turns out that Mag bakes the pastries but Miriam just recently started decorating them.  She was an accountant like her Mother and had never done anything like that before.  She showed me her remarkable creations on her Smart phone. She is very creative. 

      We arrived at David’s home, the Professor, just as they were finishing up. David was Miriam’s Math teacher in High School!  He introduced himself and we left for Xoxocotacan. Mag is from Mazatlan but Miriam was a Oaxaca so knew the way.  There was lots a traffic and when we arrived it reminded me of the Fourth of July in Warsaw, N.Y. our County Seat in Western N. Y. where I grew up.  A crowded Carnival atmosphere with a huge stage erected by the church in the Zocalo with everyone sitting or standing to listen to the entertainment.


         Food stalls were all in one area with games and rides down the streets entering into the square. We listened to an orchestra of 16 year old students from a local village play different compositions.  They were dressed in their cultural dress.  The girls had their hair all braided and adorned with ribbons and flowers. When they played the Oaxacan State Anthem, all the lights came on and everyone stood up.  Not all the States have their own Anthem but Oaxaca is special. 





         Mag and I joined Miriam, Alfredo, Fernando and Miriam’s Mom who were sitting on the grass and dancing to the music. We left for a Tamale table and I ordered Coconut Atole, a thick drink made with a Maize base that was delicious, to wash down my Chocolate and Pineapple Tamales I ordered.  We all sat together and chatted before parting ways. 
        Fernando and Miriam’s mother left and we walked around watching all the excitement.  I pitched Peso in hopes of winning more…wrong.  Then Alfredo offered me some darts to hit the balloons and win him a prize.  The harder I threw them, the slower they went.  One NEVER even got to the balloons!  I was embarrassed while Mag slinked away like he didn’t know me. 
     We found the car and on the way home, Mag invited me to go out Miecoles, Wednesday, with them for dinner at THEE restaurant with a view of Oaxaca from a top of Fortin Hill. I accepted and we agreed to meet at 7 pm again.  This evening would have been nearly impossible to do and especially to enjoy as much as I did without the company of such a wonderful, and generous family.


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