Sabado is Fin.  What a day. If I don’t stay up and put something down, I lose track.  God is paying back for all those hours of being a couch potato.  Now I am not allowed to waste time.  It is great.  I haven’t been this immersed in life since I was a child.  You can’t sit still here.

          When I lived in Yartareni, in the country…some days I wouldn’t come to town or the days I did, I always had my evenings on the terrace to watch the sunset and rise.  Living in Oaxaca I seldom have time to play a game of Sudoku or read or watch a movie or sit. I don’t have to do anything until 4 pm tomorrow…yay!..but it’s almost midnight…I may sleep until then.

     First I have to recount the day… This morning a had my fruit and yogurt with coffee.  I dug out my storage boxes to find my Q tips and my Motrin.  I posted my review of the neighborhood restaurant in the Oasis in Oaxaca to help my friend build his business next door.
       I hopped a bus to Conzetti Park this morning for a Flea Market.  I arrived early so had the Cuba Tortas Especial at the corner stand….best Tortas in Mexico. $3 and a bottle of water. It was hot. The flea market was setting up.  I almost bought the Beatles vinyl Abbey Road album in mint condition but realized I no longer have a record player. Cacti I would have bought for my place if I was going to be here more than three more weeks. The heat was killing me and so were my legs.

      I hopped another bus to Kay’s place to ask if it was OK if we didn’t go to Biznaga for late lunch as planned.  She greeted me and informed me that she had seen Halina this morning and invited her to join us and she would be arriving at 1 pm…10 minutes.  We agreed to go back to Santa Fe for Comida instead.  Closer, cheaper and Harina hadn’t been there. She arrived on time and we chatted for an hour.

            I was energized now so we took our time and eventually ended up getting a warm welcome from Fernando at the door.  We all agreed on the same entree and were promptly served a great Sangria with chopped apples, pears, and peaches .  We all agreed it was a good choice with our meal…which turned out to be fabulous…and all for $5.60.
       We dropped Kay off at her door and Halina invited me to see her place. When we approached her neighborhood she noticed an open door with three older gentlemen sitting on buckets in a garage drinking homemade Mescal out of the bottle and singing songs while one played the guitar.  They saw her and invited us in to join them…we did.

We all introduced ourselves. Jorge,Sergio, and Fernando…the Tres Amigos.  A few Mescal’s later they sang a song for us then we thanked them and I went next door to see Halina’s beautiful courtyard and roof top terrace with a view.  She introduced me to a young lady from Switzerland that lived in the room next to hers then showed me her studio which was spacious and attractive…and CHEAP.  She will return there next year so we will still be neighbors.

      I got back just in time to take a quick nap.  Then a wind storm came and the temperature dropped so it was cool enough to change into long pants and long sleeve shirt and out the door to catch a bus.  I arrived at our designated meeting place in the Opera House coffee shop.  Kay was waiting as Halina and I showed at the same time.

         We left shortly for an Art opening at the Governor’s Mansion…the Zocalo was packed!  There was a stage set up but no one playing so we went to the Art opening where they were serving Orange flavored homemade Mescal and Mescal punch.  Kay doesn’t drink but Halina and I jumped in line after visiting to exhibits.
        We left shortly and decided to sit near the stage so we could hear the music that was just beginning.  These were Oaxacan Tuna’s, part of a world organization of Spanish Minstrels that date back to the Medieval times. A waiter invited us to the fancy Tres Bistro upstairs where we could view the whole affair from a window seat near the balcony.  We accepted and I ordered another Pizza for the third evening in a row…with some wine of course.

 The staff was great. Harina had a beer and Kay had her usual water.  We shared the Pizza and complimentary Fresh cooked Sweet Potatoes Chips while listening to the music and chatting.  When we were leaving, Kay noticed a Bread display and asked the Chef and Manager that were saying goodbye if she couldn’t ‘t buy a loaf to take home…she did and we left.
         The Tuna were off the stage and in the crowd.  I went over and chatted with them before we turned to a Latin band that was entertaining the crowd.  A group in front of us turned out to be Polish tourists on a two week holiday from Krakow where Halina is from.  We all introduced ourselves and she volunteered to show them around.  They accepted and Kay and I left with the agreement we would all meet Domingo at 4 pm at Kay’s home and Halina would treat us as her going away present.

         I stopped at a stand after dropping Kay off to sample some of the gelatin products I see everyday.  I discovered it was as I thought…Jello.  It is a big deal here but not for me. I arrived at my gate just before midnight…exhausted.

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