Oaxaca is warming up.  We have a few cool afternoons with clouds and then intense sun and hot.  I’ve taken to hiding in my room during the afternoon. Siesta is nice and then out in the cooler evening and up late reading travel stories about Mexico or watching The Endangered Civilization Series.  The problem is I don’t wake early like before so I miss the cool mornings.  Oh well.  I have another lecture tonite at the library but will NOT eat out.  I have two leftover Pizza’s in the refrigerator that need attention.   
     The lecture, was a Video “Take Back Your Power” …an awesome documentary about the control and manipulation of world energy by six of the top corporations in the world…all oil, gas, and energy related…and all done with the complicity of polititians throughout the world with the use of Smart Meters and Wi-Fi Radio Frequency Microwave Radiation.  See the trailer: 

Take Back your Power

Why work out when you could be with me?

       I  sat    with Susan Lyons, the lady lecturer from the night before.  After, I walked to the Zocalo for a glass of wine, music , and cup of corn then the taxi home.  Great night.
    Finally I awoke at Dawn, walked to Cafe Azul I had wanted to try.

 It was very nice kind of hippie place with Free Tibet signs Mate and Chai Tea, Hummus, Strudel, Huevos Rancharos, etc.   I had the Latte and Strudel…excellent. 
      I walked through the Zocalo over to my Internet place and printed a review with photos of Mag’s place to post at the library and at my Oasis in Oaxaca.  
     I visited the library and posted my review while chatting with Bill Pumphreys from Winter Texas…third generation.  He showed me his book Life is a Roller Coaster and what a Ride.  I’m going to read it.  He is an excellent person and storytellers. Peace Corp in Tanzania after graduating from U of Texas then on to inner city all black school in Philly at the time Martin Luther King was shot…worked for Cisco and traveled over the world. Now a full time resident of Oaxaca.  

      I bought a shirt at the Llano Park Friday Market and took the packed bus to Mag’s place for Comida then Siesta.  I woke and returned to the library in time for a movie.
      It was Nebraska, done in Black and White starring Bruce Dern and Stacy Keach.  Great story and good acting.  Kay was there so we decided to try someplace different but first she asked me to push Gloria home in her wheelchair.  It was a short push but scary…crossing street in busy Friday night traffic and going up and down curbs.  Gloria invited me in for wine.  Kay and I declined but what a beautiful place.  It was all ART.  She had her own Art Gallery and half of it was there. Kay and I ended up at the Azul Hotel…very upscale

restaurant where she had the Tlayuda and I had the Chicken Breast Stuffed with Shrimp and Cheese topped with Tamirindo Sauce and a side of Fresh Saute Mushrooms with Parmasan.  We split a Carrot Cake with Orange Cotton Candy and Fruit…all of it was excellent.  We decided to go to a Happy Hour on the roof some evening for Mescalini’s.  Great day.

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