Helen returns to Western New York and her dog Cashew in a couple days. Sunday I bussed into town to make some copies, paid for them and bussed home.  A young lady boarded the bus and greeted everyone with a polite hello as she traversed the aisle with her guitar in hand.

 She introduced a Capella song then sang it beautifully.  She then played her guitar while singing 2-3 songs before collecting some money then exiting to board another bus.  I really enjoyed her and her personality was so warm.  Her voice was pleasant too. I arrived home to discover I had left the copies in the print shop.
       Today I completed my taxes and printed them all out then headed for Sam’s Club and my last big shopping spree.  I was returning when I realized I was charged for 5 Kilos of Tangerines and bought 2.  So I overpaid $3 but still was frustrated over Mexico’s system of retail stores.  Never any change, items incorrectly marked, 5 bosses and one worker, lousy service, …but I do love living here. I do sometimes think the Assistant Mgr and the Cashier have a scam going.  I was waiting for a price check for 15 minutes..the lines were long, finally they opened another register for the  people in my line…they were pissed.  I was pissed and I knew and told the cashier the price…12.75 pesos.  

They were going through catalogs of fine print for TANGERINES.  2 Kilos of Tangerines. I packed everything in my bag except this bag of Tangerines.  It was on a Credit Card and finally the Cashier went into the produce section , returned and announced something in Spanish, rang in the item, pressed the button and out popped a Charge for 50 Pesos…4 times the price. I didn’t see it of course. The tangerines went into the cart the receipt was processed, people were still in line so I signed and took the receipt and started for the exit when I saw the discrepancy…I turned and looked at the line of people that would say…that idiot Gringo complaining because he couldn’t speak proper Spanish. Meanwhile the cashier and Assistant Mgr. are meeting in the parking lot after work to split the take for the day.
         Today’s bus entertainment was a hombre selling snake oil.  It was an herbal tea that cured everything. He wasn’t as enjoyable as the lady yesterday but as an added attraction the bus driver got pulled over by a  Motorcycle Policeman.   I think he bribed him because he jumped back into the bus with a big smile then drove 60 mph down the city street laughing.
             I did review all my taxes, signed, dated, stamped and addressed  for Helen to mail for me from the states.  The bus dropped me at her door.  I went to visit the landlady Teri first.  I paid her a month’s deposit of 7000 Peso for November and left some things for storage until I returned on the 20th of April with the rest of my items.  I was to treat Helen for her farewell Comida at a restaurant that Courtney and I visited some time ago.  We didn’t eat there but late Courtney did later and highly recommended it.
       We stopped at the library where I met Ian from near Toronto.  He and his wife are just finishing up their 4th visit to Oaxaca in the winter.  He told me about a 2 bedroom near where I will be staying for only 6000 Pesos.  Helen and I took notes for next year.  I hope to find a year round 2 bedroom place so I can host travelers , sublet, and have my friends and family visit.
     We found the Vina Santa Fe Restaurant where Fernando greeted and seated us.  He remember Courtney and me.  The meal was fantastic as was the service.  We had a Red Pepper Creme soup with Wine, a Salad

, Potato Pancakes, Beef dish , and Fish followed by Mango and accompanied with a Jamaican Cocktail of Rum and Juice.
     We returned to Helen’s and she gave me all her leftover food…yogurt, fruits, veggies, cheeses, beer, Scotch, etc.  I walked to the Chedraui Grocery and bought the few things I still needed then boarded the wrong bus to Santa Lucia and ended up a couple miles away from my house.  A Taxi delivered me for 60 Pesos…54 more then the bus.

 I was home and planning a meal.  Black Bean soup and I made some Rice Pilaf for my stir fry and to go with Saute Chicken…for three or four meals. Adios Elena!

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