I think if I spent as much time studing Spanish, as I do playing On Line Poker, I would be speaking it fluently by now.  Hopefully it will all pay off when I return to Talking Stick Casino in May! Then I can study my Spanish more.  Started to pack already.  I’m putting as much as I can in storage and hope to return with a near empty suitcase.  I won’t have to pack for Mexico in November either.

Morning Walk

     Helen, another foodie, talked Mag, our Chef friend, into opening his restaurant just for us today.  He is preparing a whole fresh Red Snapper for us to dine on.  I should stop and get some wine to bring. Yesterday I visited the Friday Llano Park Market, bought a new cap and stocked up with some limes and Mangoes. I had lunch at a Sushi place then picked up some boxes and my laundry before returning home.
     The bus from my stop in the country, dropped me at Helen’s front door but I was early so no one answered the knock on the outside door of the compound.

 I walked around the neighborhood for 15 minutes and returned.  This time Helen was waiting.  We shared a Scotch and conversation in the garden before heading for M & M Coffee and Snack to meet Magdiel our Chef.

 The table was set, we broke out Helen’s wine, Mag greeted us and 10 minutes later a beautiful Salad was presented with a basket of bread.

Shortly came a platter of fresh Green Beans with onion and bacon along with another platter of Rice Pilaf…then came the Main Act.

 A beautiful platter with a butterflied Whole Red Snapper Baked with a Tomato and Creme topping garnished with fresh Avocado.  The best fish I had eaten in years…Mag joined us after for some of his leftovers and the last of our wine.

We talked for a hour about his Culinary Training and experiences.from Cancun, Cruise Ships, Miami, West Palm Beach, and Houston.  A remarkable, likable, lovable and giving person.  Our cost for such a feast was $43…easily $100 in the states.  We bid Adios and I caught the bus home.

      Helen bused out to my place for Brunch at the nearby restaurant.  She arrived around 10 am …we had a nice buffet then made plans for her final three days.  She is taking my 2013 Federal and State taxes back for filing. We meet again on Tuesday.

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