None of these photos have anything to do with what I wrote on this Post..only to keep you entertained.

I don’t remember much of the last few days.  It hasn’t been anything of special interest except ….the dogs are taking over.  Every night I wake to the barking dogs.  These are roving ferrel dogs that sleep around all day then bark all night.  Yes the landlady’s dogs also get involved which is why the ferrel dogs come around to my window as her dogs are just inside the wall in her patio.  The others gather near the doors and they bark back and forth…and back and forth. Last night was IT…I woke and emailed my future landlady:

           Things in San Augustine Yartareni have gotten worse.  The downstairs dogs that bark all day are now barking all night along with 7-9 others in the neighborhood.  I can’t sleep and am packing now.  Do you have a studio available from March 23rd (Move in day) to April 23rd (Move out day) ?  If so , let me know ASAP so I can give notice to my landlady… 

her reply:  

 I have 2 studios available, one is downstairs and other upstairs, which one do you prefer? I wait your answer. Tere

my reply:  either one …see you on the 23rd.

        Now I have a week to pack…though I packed almost everything last night.  I bought some used boxes that a MiniMart store sells for 4 Pesos each…brought 4 of them back and think I’m almost ready to move.  Laundry to do etc. 

Blind Entertainer and daughter

     I went to the Zocalo Sunday …the dogs were at it again.  Kay was there with a new friend from Poland that she picked up at the library.  I’ll call her Marissa but forgot her name.  She was my height, age, lived in Michigan, had a cleaning business, and traveled every chance she could. This was her third winter visiting Oaxaca and she was quite intelligent and a pleasant soft spoken person.  We all went to the Meridian Hotel near Kay’s house for coffee and talked for almost an hour and a half about our travels and future plans.  Kay is leaving Oaxaca in May to return to Sacramento and help her bi-polar daughter who lost her job .  Kay is in her seventies and still full of life.  She is giving up her nice studio apartment so conveniently located.  

          I returned to Yartareni with two buses…one had an accordion player and his lady friend accompanying him with some gourd she strummed. Then the other bus, three “Rappers” got on with a portable Karaoke machine and microphone. I was pleasantly surprised.  I didn’t understand any of the “Rap” song but they harmonized and worked the crowd good.  Got a lot more money from the crowd then the other guy.
           That evening I almost burned the condo down . I was microwaving a meal and the lights started flickering then went out.  When I checked the fuse box …the fuse was fried.   I reinstalled another then that evening I used the microwave again and the power went out.  Checked the fuse box and it was HOT.  The fuse was fried again.  I only have one fuse left so disconnected the Microwave and decided to put a FOR SALE sign in the library.  When I went to put the new fuse in…sparks flew.  I think the box was fried or at least some of the wire.  It was dark so I forced the fuse in and flipped the switch.  ….

Bet your wondering.  Well it sparked but then seemed OK.  This was Sunday so I was going to give my notice to the landlady on Monday.  I will have her send an electrician , Usi the everything man, out to check it.  I shut down everything that night except the refrigerator and a light to see by.  Monday I put in notice with my landlady and reported the fuse box problem.  She understood.  

         When I arrived at the library to post my Microwave for sale and a recommendation for the Vina Santa Fe restaurant, it was closed for Benito Juarez Day. It was St. Patrick’s Day too.  Benito was the shortest President in the world at 4 and 1/2 feet.  He did accomplish a lot but it didn’t look like I was that day.  Many businesses were closed but I did find two places open to fax my documents for the VA back to the USA.  Neither of them could get the fax to go through.   I found Allen reading a book at the Zocalo and had coffee with him before returning home to discover I was using the wrong number.
      That evening my Gas ran out so I would have no Hot water or stove until I got more Gas. I emailed the landlady and the next morning Usi, her handyman showed up.  He called the Gas company and looked at the fuses but now it was all OK.  Must have been the Microwave that overloaded the circuit.  I’m now waiting for the delivery so I can go into town and attend to my day.  Usi said it would be at least 2 hours.  Three hours later the gas truck arrive and for about $25 replaced one of the two tanks so I could heat up a meal, and wash the dishes before heading into Oaxaca to fax the documents. 


      I returned to my favorite Internet hub but a different lady was on and said I had too many numbers to make a call.  A customer came over to help as she didn’t understand and was a bit unfamiliar …after writing and rewriting, explaining and re explaining she finally attempted to make the call but was unable to figure out how to even get a dial tone.  I went to the other place and they tried but it failed because either the FAX number was busy, the fax machine was out of paper, or the electric was out.  I said I’d try later and went down the street, got on my computer and emailed the fax office to let them know.  They wrote back that all was fine and nothing came through.  I returned and tried an hour later with the same results. I emailed again to verify the fax number but never got a reply…may have closed the office early or just didn’t pick up the email.  I’ll try tomorrow for the third day.  Must be the full moon.

            I did manage to print out my last Direct TV statement and it looks as though we finally got want we asked for and the new service is reasonable for this year…next year I think it doubles and the contract is for two years with a $500 cancellation.  I did write them to make sure they discontinue a free trial on the addition Movie program we were told was free for three months.  We don’t want any surprises or a Movie program. Turns out Don or I have to call ourselves and cancel.

        I left early to make an World Organic Food show that started at 9 am and went all day.  I arrived but there was no show or event.  After double checking the calandar I was right and the event must have been cancelled so I went right to a new Fax office but nothing connected so visited the library and looked up my Desert Mail Office where my Post Box is picking up my forwarding mail.  I know they have a fax.  Took the papers next door to a fourth fax  machine after emailing Chris to call them and let them know.  She said they would contact her when the fax came in but alas it didn’t go through.  
       Bill came into the library and took photos of the documents then attached them to an email to Chris.  That worked but the documents were too poor quality to fax.  I went back to the pro fax shop with the new number to call but he said it connected…then disconnected. 

       I returned home, took my own photos then edited them and attached to an email to Chris.  Ta Da…it worked and she printed them out then took them to the office to fax to the VA.  You guessed it…they didn’t go through.  She emailed me to verify the number …I suggested she call the VA and verify it so they know a fax is arriving.  Well that would have been fine but instead…she got my voice mail.  I gave her my Skype number by mistake.  I gave her the new number and that is the last I heard.  What a day…and it was hot today so very tiring.      

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