I got my $3.20 Mexican Haircut yesterday.  I like this barber…we can’t verbally communicate but I point to pictures on the wall and he knows what to do.  I like the straight razor trim he does around the ears and neck…like something out of the 40’s.  

    I also stopped at the Meridian Hotel where I had such a good breakfast one day and followed up the next with a Botana Platter…little bit of everything.  I returned because I was attending the Boy’s Night Out Happy Hour.  It is the first Tuesday of the month and was at Charles’s Casa at 5 pm.  You bring what you like to drink, and something to share for food.  I ordered the Botana to share but the price went up to $15 …yes American money and they didn’t add any of the meats…Chorizo, etc. I paid and walked to Charles.

     Charles wasn’t home and Dan, a retired florist from Vancouver BC who has lived in Oaxaca with his three dogs and ran a Gay B n B out of his house near La Noria was disoriented and couldn’t remember the entrance and address.  I did and rang the bell.  Charles’ neighbor let us in but Charles was still playing bridge at the library so Dan, who knew his way around…now that he is inside…got a wine opener and some plastic glasses while I broke out the food on the patio in anticipation of the “crowd”.  Charles showed with Steve , then Chuck a retired lawyer from Monroe , La., Hector , a Mexican school official, and that was it.  After a bottle of wine, food and two hits on Charles’ pipe…I was on my way.  Not sure how I got managed but I did.

End of the Line Bus Stop

         Today I met Helen at the library and we bussed it to San Felipe to explore the village….which turned out to be a walled suburban upscale community in the foothills of the San Andres Mountains.   It was a beautiful day when the bus driver informed us that this was the end of the line…get out.

 Fortunately for me  and Helen in her sandals…it was all downhill cobblestone street until we arrived in the Village.

 Not a lot to see or do except the Church…

we took the bus back when it came and got off in Colonial Reforma, a neighborhood of Oaxaca.

 We walked a bit until we found a nice Seafood restaurant for Ceviche and Tilipia.. then back on the bus and went our separate ways home.
     Clouds threatened rain and some lightening gave hope but despite all..Nada.

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