Helen’s sister Carol and her Brother in Law Ed arrived in Oaxaca and we will all have lunch tomorrow.  We had met in Antwerp when Helen was house swapping and had a three story house in Antwerp center for a month.  I’m looking forward to seeing them again.
       It was a nice lunch and a great visit with Helen, Carol and Ed.

 They arrived yesterday so were still a little tired.  I will spend Saturday with them on a tour to Benito Juarez Village with a anthropologist as a guide.  
       Thursday I met with Courtney and we had a “see ya later” dinner at Biznaga..exceptional Red Snapper with mixed nut coating over a salad. We agreed to meet again and keep in touch.  
       I was feeling a cold coming on and Friday it was on.  I emailed Helen to let her know I would not be on the Saturday Tour to Benito Juarez village in the North with her, Ed and Carol. 
     Saturday spent the day trying to get healthy.  I finally stepped out, caught a bus to a BBQ Chicken joint and returned with a Chicken dinner for $2.40.  Not bad for 1/2 chicken, sides of Spaghetti with two different Salsas and 10 tortillas.  I shared my leftovers with Butch, my neighborhood dog. 

Erika Marquatl from Potsdam in her Gallery

           Today, I’m still feeling very dragged out so will not be going anywhere.
Monday I made it to tour the apartments.  The studio was fine and I will take it instead of the others.

 I am negotiating for the two bedroom with her and Mig…which ever comes up with a price under 6500 Pesos…or $520 I will take. Meanwhile I will cancel the one I booked and get my refund back.  Helen,Ed and Carol had a great tour on Saturday so we all walked over to La Crepe and had a farewell lunch before I headed back home.

 Today I cancelled my Studio with
Veronica and got back all but 500 Pesos of my deposit, met with Mig who informed me his Mother decided not to use the apartments for rentals but for her offices, and confirmed with Teri that I would take the 2 bedroom at her “Oasis” in Oaxaca for 6 months…DONE.

Oasis in Oaxca

Two Bedroom Apartment…with Upstairs Balcony off the Master Bedroom

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