Early to rise and off to meet Jesus…or Chucho as his friends call him.  He is the son of the Senora who may be my new landlord.  The Studio apartment is in La Noria area of Oaxaca and close to everything.  It is located above a Taqueria that supplies the area with fresh Tortillas, Tacos, and Tostadas.

 Quiet neighborhood with a Fresh Market across the street.  Jesus, who lives with his Mother just down the street, was on time.  He is a  young man in his early twenties maybe, spoke a bit of English, friendly, and likeable.  He opened the private entrance and we walked up and into the studio.  A large room with  ceiling to floor windows on each side opening onto the streets below.  I liked the space but sparse in furniture but a really nice bed.  It could be really warm in April but comes with a floor fan.  

He offered me storage for my belongings until I moved in in November and a possible discount to 5000 Pesos ($400 ) that includes internet, water and gas…so I think I pay the electric and drinking water.  I believe I clean and change the sheets.  There is no patio or outside area to lounge in but I could open one of the windows and have an indoor Patio??
      We parted and I emailed him to let him know I still had another to look at on March 6th and would give him a decision by March 8th.  While walking  to Courtney’s a man accosted me for money…he explained he was from Guatamala and was a refugee excaping for his life.  I gave him 10 pesos.   When I arrived at  Courntney’s  her place was closed up so she was out or still in bed.

I left her some Coconut cakes and Cinnamon I had bought yesterday then came over to my favorite Coffee house to meet Helen for lunch. 

          We had lunch while planning the last two weeks of her stay.  Carol, her sister, along with her brother in law Ed are arriving soon but only staying for one week.  Most of their week is taking tours and doing things we’ve done more than once.  Saturday Helen booked a tour for the four of us, if I care to join them. I will dine out a few nights to socialize with Ed and Carol, whom I spent a couple some time with in Antwerp, Belgium and in Mont St Micheal, France.  I invited Courtney to a farewell dinner Saturday so asked if she could join us or change to Thurs or Friday???
      Then Helen wanted me to meet a Restaurteur who has a restaurant and catering business in La Noria…He is also remodeling two , two bedroom units for rent that will be available in another month or two.  We walked over and met him in between cooking orders.  Mag and I hit it off well.  He worked as a cook at Ritz Carlton and mostly Country Clubs and upscale restaurants…NOT what he is doing now.

 He and his wife moved here with there son of maybe 8-9 y.o. and opened in a building his Mother owns.  When he introduced his son, I held out my hand and he wrapped his arms around me and hugged me.  They live in Col Reforma section of Oaxaca to the North.  The upstairs unit has two bedrooms, living area , kitchen and bath with small balcony…faces the south…lots of light in living area…and a stairway to the roof!  3000 peso…Unfurnished…I told him I don’t need a lot of furnishings…bed, table and chairs and there is a walkin closet with built in place to hang everything.   
        Then we went to Helen’s place and had a meeting with the landlady there…and an interpreter.  More dates and plans.  I get to see that Mar 3rd.

   There was a unit next to Helen’s that the man let us tour with up and down stairs but 7000 Pesos and dark..not !
  While walking  to Chedraui Market, I was accosted by a man saying he was a refugee from Guatamala….deja vu?  Not the same man but an area scam targeting Gringos with a soft spot.   I refused, shopped then took the bus home….legs pained less and less….times NO pain felt great…could be because I took one of the 800 mg IBprophen this morning?
      I changed my tactics with my barking dogs…I’m now the dog whisperer.  They are puzzled but it seemed to work.  When they bark I just step out on the patio and look at them.  When they bark again…I step out and whisper…don’t do that doggie.  They just sit and stare at me. Then walk inside.  I haven’t heard a bark in an hour! They like to wake me around midnight.


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