BENITO JUAREZ…Mussolini was named after him.


Thursday I visited Casa Juarez, the home of Benito Juarez the president of Mexico in the mid-1800’s.  I met Helen, her friend Karen, and Courtney at Biznaga but during the meal, Helen received the news Gil, her friend of over 30 years, had a stroke two days ago and the Plug was pulled on him today.  He just left here last week.  Gil and his wife, who just passed away 6 weeks ago..were dear friends of Helen’s .   Courtney and I went to a rooftop bar and ended our day with a beer and Mescal…toast to Gil.
      Saturday Courtney and I went to visit the Railroad Museum.

It was housed in the original Oaxaca Depot and was also an Organic Market on Saturdays.  We walked quite a distance to discover …it was gutted and under reconstruction.  The train doesn’t come to town anymore but lots of people sat waiting for it, including us and about 20 policemen.   I took the bus home.
       Sunday was an adventure.  Courtney had visited Tlacolula and met a lady that invited her to meet her family in a village not far away.  She wanted to return to give them a family portrait she had printed from the day of her visit.  We visited a church,

Battery Operation Offering Candles

then a  huge market in Tlacolula but by the time we were ready to travel to the village I was exhausted so took a Taxi back while she went on. 
        I should have had some water….I realized that after.  Felt OK but tired…dehydration I think…and the pain in my legs.  The taxi driver was born and raised in Mitla, spent three years in La Jolla California before taking a job as dishwasher at the Outback in Seattle where he rose to cook and worked for 9 years.  Spoke fluent English and was joyess man…very religious…blessed himself TWICE when he drove by the church at 60 mph. Twenty Pesos…and I was home.

One Shoe stall of Many..many…many!

Dried-Salted Fish and Shrimp Market

Meat Market
Heritage Seeds

David with Sous Chef Julio’s Mom

Fried Pig’s Skin…good with Eggs and Salsa
Can’t Pronounce or Remember?

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