Monday I don’t remember what I did? 
        Tuesday I remember coming to town and without anything going on I decided to explore Colonial Reform and try to find the Cheese shop that the Tres Bistro waiter told me about.  I think I took too many ground Cocoa beans because I suddenly had the urge to find a bathroom…but not in time. I slowly walked to McDonald’s bathroom and cleaned up as best I could then hopped the bus home to shower.  Very embarrassing. 

       Wednesday I awoke late and while having my coffee and checking my emails, I noticed a confirmation from a landlord to meet me at NOON.  My computer said it was almost 11 am and I hadn’t showered so sent off a note asking to meet around 12:30.  I showered and was leaving when I noticed the real time was now almost 11 am.  My computer was on AZ time.  I emailed her to confirm NOON would be fine. I arrived at the library to pay up my dues for the year, then checked my email to discover the landlord couldn’t make it until 4 pm.  Well now I have four and a half hours to  kill.  I had left a voice mail for Helen to meet me at 12:30 for lunch so had part of the time filled.  

     I went by the apartment for rent.  Nice neighborhood and looked good but my bedroom could be on the ground floor on the street side next to a covered window…traffic noise.  I stopped by Kay’s to tell her about it and she agreed to meet me at 4 pm with the landlord.  Realizing I was now late for lunch I caught a taxi and $3 later arrived but NO Helen and no messages.  She is still Hosting her friend Karen and I suspect they were off doing something.  I had a lovely Turkey sandwich on homemade Whole Wheat, played some poker and decided to stop by and see if Courtney was in.  She spent all day Tuesday exploring a distant village.
        She was in, we chatted then I realized it was 3:45 so I only had 15 minutes to make my appointment.  No problem until I walked out the door and made a right instead of a left for some reason.  Two or three blocks and I realized I was walking in the wrong direction at a fast pace to make my appointment.  I pulled out the map and got oriented then started out again but by now my legs were cramping and I was in pain.  I had to slow down or STOP until the pain subsided.  I slowed down and made it on time.

 The large window on the street turned out to be the entrance.  Micaela unlocked the security bars and then the windows…French doors…opened into the apartment.  The bedroom was a loft with a staircase. It was attractive and had a small skylight as well as windows that could be opened to allow light…but a barking dog in the private courtyard.  I didn’t have access to that.  I thought the place really nice and despite the doors opening from the street, you could not hear any traffic. 
         I left to pay Hector, my news stand English News supplier for the paper he extended me on credit when he couldn’t change a 100 pesos for 15 this morning.  
I still want to at least do some shopping before I returned.  I was out of yogurt!
I didn’t want a repeat of yesterday’s emergency evacuation but it seems those Cacao ground beans stay with you a while…I was suddenly having the need for a bathroom again .   The library was just ahead and as the charged into the back room the bathroom door was locked.  NO.  I sat down right away and tried to relax as I heard the door unlock…I bolted into the room JUst in time.  
        Now I can go home…I paid Hector…hopped one bus to a transfer station. Hopped the next bus but decided to get off at the Mercado and get some Yogurt.  I got some pressed turkey,  some tomatoes, cranberry juice , sprite , tuna fish, but NO Yogurt…which is why I stopped.   No problem I accomplished something , so I stepped out to the bus stop just at the bus to San Lucia pulled up.  I boarded it and got in the back while a guitar player did a song and took up a collection.  I was trying to get into my pocket and give him some change when the bus turned and started in the other direction.   I didn’t read SAN LUCIA right.  It was SAN LUCIA but without the white Cross for the church. The bus was headed for the village not my stop.  I grabbed my bags and tried to get off with the guitarist but the driver took off as I was pushing the button to open the door.  A block later he stopped and I walked back UP the hill to the main street where I finally got my fourth bus home.
      I notice a commotion up ahead.

 There was a huge crowd blocking the street. Damn school “teachers” protesting the law the President put into effect last year when in imprisoned the Head of the Dept of Education for Embezzling all this tax payers money for homes in San Francisco and her own private Jet.  They are upset because they not only have to show up and teach in order to get paid…but they also have to prove they are capable of teaching…can you imagine.  Meanwhile the road is blocked and just as the driver was about to take a detour…the crowd started marching down the center of the street so the bus could pass. 
          I squeezed into the back of the Moto-Taxi with my ass on the edge of the seat while a very large couple filled the rest of the back seat.  The driver opened the door and I fell out, paid him and poured a drink when I arrived at 5:30 and unloading my grociers.  See why I love it here.  I’d be bored stiff if I could control my daily routine like I do when I’m back in Scottsdale.  

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