My plans to stay home today changed around 1:00 p.m. when I was just drawn to the Zocalo to watch the show.   My belt needed repair and my knife needed sharpening.   I arrived at the leather shop in the Benito Juarez Market and presented my belt with a broken bucket to repair.

 I left the young man to do his thing while I browsed the Meat Market and shops nearby.  I stopped back a few times and he was still working on it but it appears my fat stomach broke the buckle connection and it had to be replaced.

 I went around the corner and bought some tangerines then to the hardware store down the street looking for the knife sharpener.  They mill around the town with portable stationary bicycles that are grindstones.  I had hoped to find a shop but ended up buying a sharpener at the hardware store.  When I returned my belt was like new and will stay that way if I lose some weight.  
      Walking through the Zocalo I remembered a recently opened restaurant I read a good review about.   I looked at the menu and thought of giving it a try but didn’t feel like going to a new place alone so walked over to Courtney place to see if she wanted to share a pizza.  She was working on an Art Project so we agreed to meet across the street at the coffee shop where I would have a cup and check my email. Twenty minutes later she arrived and we were on our way.  This loud shrill noise that sounded to me like a baby screaming in my ear was deafening.  I told Courtney if that doesn’t stop, I’m going to kill that kid.  She said what kid…the one screaming!  Then I realized we had walked into and across the street yet it still sounded like the kid was right next to me.  I kept looking for the screaming brat but there was none….it was a knife sharpener on the street letting people and shops know he was available?  

That was too much!  I freaked out.  He had a whistle that made a noise that made me want to kill and yet …here was the man I was hoping to find!  I pulled out my knife, we agreed on $1.80 and he set up shop.  A few minutes went by and my knife was so sharp I couldn’t carry it.  I paid and thanked him then stopped into a grocery store and asked if they had some cardboard I could use as a sheath.  They did and I stored it away in my bag and we ordered a Pizza at the restaurant.  I had to have some Mussels also.  

They were great as was the Pizza.  We parted and finished the day watching the end of The Raven about Edgar Allen Poe.  Not a great movie but a great day!

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