It’s early Sunday morning and I’m out the door. I want to see what the Flea Market at the Library has to offer before everyone picks it clean.  I was passing Llano Park and the music and crowds drew me in.  Pilate’s exercise at 9 a.m. on Sunday and everyone was there.  If they weren’t dancing they were watching this high energy Jack La Lane motivator on stage “Rockin Away”  or Salsa.  It was hypnotizing.  

     The crowds were at the library and as I approached, I could see them exiting with there finds under there arm or in bags.  I saw a movie for 10 pesos with John Cusak as Edgar Allen Poe so bought it and headed for the bakery table.  I spent 20 pesos for a really good brownie. Then ducked into the back room where I found two full sessions of Spanish Course with workbooks, CDs, and phrase books to boot for 10 Pesos…I hauled my stash out in my Walmart Bag and headed for the Zocalo and on to the Market to get some fruit to stock my refrigerator.  Then I remembered the Graphic Arts Museum is free on Sundays so stopped in to see their exhibits.

 The artists were out in force along the street and one caught my eye.

 He engraved or hacksawed out your name on a key you could hang around your neck with your Astrological sign on it … as jewelery or put it on your key chain in case you lost them , your name would be there.  I though it cute and got one for Chris when I return.  
      It was getting close to Noon so some Fresh Homemade Apple Strudel with a nice Latte was ordered at one of my favorite’s Cafe La Cuiela . (Coffee Heaven)  

    When I did get to the Zocalo there was a Philharmonic Orchestra playing to a large crowd.

 I listened a bit then on the way to the Market I passed the Government Building that had the National Museum open to the public for free.  I went in to see a Mural painted by one of Diego Rivera’s counterparts during the ’30s.  

Toured the Museum while there then finally arrived at the Market.

 I bought some fresh Pineapple, Oranges, Banana, and a Mango to take home.  The bus got me back around 3:30 and I was tired but feeling great.  

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