I emailed Dr Z and told him I took myself off the Meds that Dr M prescribed.  I was having cramps, nausea, light headed, low BP, etc.  Maybe it because your not supposed to take them with Wine?  
   Drove my Poker level up to 9 with only one win for a 10 level I lost and returned to 7…lost and I’m starting over.  Oh well.
    Cleaned house, dropped off the trash, bought some eggs and milk then fixed lunch.  Now off to a class on speeding up my computer.  Bob Humphrey’s, the guru who is presenting the class asked me to come in early so he could check out my computer that now only shows black.  I know the Video card died but think I’ll donate it or trash it.

     Yesterday I was late for my lecture…today I was two weeks early.  Today was the wine tasting.  I used the computer there to straighten out my photos in the clouds and email Courtney to let her know I would be a little early.  I ran out the door and left my hat behind, grabbed a bus, and arrived while she was painting or something.  Instead of going out, she poured some nice wine and we watched the sunset on the roof while sharing a joint.

 We sampled some young Mescal she bought.  Very good and only a dollar a 1/2 pint I think. Cheap and good.  She walked with me to the Bus so we could share the Valentine’s Celebration.  Fireworks were in the sky while we were on the roof.  

Everyone was out on the streets.

 Mostly couples, but families with children having a picnic!  Clowns entertaining, artists doing paintings, a band playing…Oaxaca is like this all the time!  Must have been the full moon tonight.

 I got home by 7:30. St Augustine Yartareni had a BIG celebration with bands, free pizza, etc.  Helen had emailed me about another apartment in the same complex she is at for a little more but Tini ,the landlady, might negotiate. 
       I’m going back to shop and visit the library and get my hat tomorrow.
       I did , then met Helen for lunch at Biznaga and returned home.

She questioned why she feels so good when in Oaxaca?  Is it that we don’t have a car to mess with yet public transport takes us everywhere? The weather…no heater or A/C and very little variance from hot to cold…leave the windows open 24/7…no humidity?  We are on vacation…no…we are retired and on vacation always.  
      When I’m in Scottsdale, I’m overwhelmed by Doctor’s appointments, time spent driving everywhere in traffic, the heat, the cold, the dust, the pollution, etc.  I stretch the truth a bit but most of all it’s the whole enchilada.  People aren’t as friendly.  They don’t smile and interact as much as here. They are too business like or ‘stiff” .  When I’m not at Doctor’s appointments I go to Coffee Houses, Restaurants for Happy Hour and dinner, the Poker table to socialize and TRY to win some money, and occasionally golf.  Golf is what I enjoy the most.  Outdoors on grassy , hilly, courses with water running through and tree….feels good to share an afternoon with friends. Most of my time is spent in front of a Bar, Poker Table, TV or Computer.  
       When I’m in Oaxaca, I’m overwhelmed everyday by experiences I never expect when I leave the house.  My neighbors greet me with a smile and a hello.



 My laundry woman, (who incidentally does my laundry, shirts, etc better than any dry cleaner or even me…and all for less than $5) complemented me today.  She remarked that my Spanish was much improved, not good, but better than when she first met me.  She did this in Spanish and I understood and thanked her.  Usi my repairman that comes over when I need something…swept and mopped my floor before he left the other day.  He’s given me rides into town on the back of his motorbike. I offer him a $20 tip…he takes $5 for the gas it costs to go back and forth. He offered to share his food and I accepted and offered him a Coke…just water.  Most of the Mexicans I get to meet , relate to, or know…are like that. To watch them interact on the bus back and forth.  Give there seats to a mother and child, or a woman with lots or carry, an elderly person…hell ME.  People board the bus to sell things…candy, peanuts, discount booklets, hand cream, or to entertain with a guitar, flute, accordion, singing, and clown acts.  Everybody does something to make a living.  When the bus stops at a light, the windshield is washed, jugglers and acrobats do there thing for change.  No one stands with a sign saying give me money!  I’m learning a language (slowly). I live in a World Heritage site with 1000’s of years of history, ghosts, decedents of those long ago that still populate the city and countryside. There are more than 17 different cultures in the State of Oaxaca alone and they all have there own languages…Mixtec is one of the most spoken…an in L.A….it’s the 5 most spoken language!  You visit the temples and feel the presence of the past.  There are hundreds of Temples and digs.  This area was more populous then Mesopotamia 10,000 years ago. I am within a day’s journey to over 10 World Heritage Sites as well as the Caribbean and Pacific Coasts.  Oaxaca is overwhelming and I see no end in sight.  You come for a week and spend a month, then return for a month and spend three, then six, then a year or more.  You can’t leave…you don’t want to. Enough…flea market at the library tomorrow for three hours to raise money to continue support.  They will have to expand.  Every lecture or presentation is sold out (at the most $8 cost) with standing room only.  The hikes once a week to areas outside of Oaxaca are up to 70 people…they charter a bus  and sometimes two.  The Saturday Camibos or exchanges where Gringo practice their Spanish with Mexican that practice their English…are so full they have to set up tables and chairs out front in the driveway. It is a feeling that overwhelms you and it is different for everyone but it’s nice.

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