I charged my phone on my day home, so decided to return to the store I bought my back up SIM card at and have the lady try to activate it AGAIN.  I gave her my phone and she installed the recent SIM card then called to activate it but with the same negative response as the last time.

 I requested my 120 Peso back so she called the manager on duty. I presented him with the receipt and the SIM card.  He asked the lady and she verified I was in two days ago and purchased it but she couldn’t activate it then or now.  7 people later…(I tried to take a photo of them huddled around the phone and debating what went wrong but they scattered when I pulled out my camera.)  and ONE HOUR later he returned my money and I was on my way.  As frustrating as it was you had to laugh.  I’m not going to waste anymore of my time trying to explain to you the circus that I witnessed.  Another “Mexican” lesson in patience.   

        I headed for the Chocolate Calle and bought some raw beans to grind into my yogurt in the morning.  Very healthy…then some high % Chocolate mini bars for my nightly treat.  Walking to Biznaga to meet Joy, I passed the shop where I bought the  phone, stopped and recharged the SIM for 100 Pesos then left within 1 minute. Now I’m finishing my mid-day snack at my favorite coffee house and off to meet Joy just up a few doors. 

    She was waiting so I joined her.  Then came Courtney and a few minutes later Helen with her friend Karen the just arrived from a 6 hour stop over in Mexico City.  

We all ate , laughed, chatted, and made plans for later in the week.  It was a great day in all. 

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