Walmart shopping…4 hours later, and feeling like a Pack Horse, I squeeze into a MotoTaxi with a Village Mom and her daughter.  While put-putting up the road to mi Casa, I noted she had wares not sold at the Mercado that day.  Is it food, by now I’m starving, Si Tamales.  Great, I choose the Pollo Verde, paid her and put the two warm Tamales in my bag as I exited the Taxi.  I unloaded my bag, warmed the Tamales in my Microwave and proceeded to devour them.  The best I had ever had.  I made a mental note to watch for this woman, buy her stock, freeze them and live off her Tamales the rest of my stay here.  So good!  I dreamed of Tamales.
        The next morning brought the aftermath of such an indulgence.  I barely made it to the Banjo…I hope that was all. 

        Dr Z was available  when I arrived.  We sat up an appointment with the top urologist in Oaxaca to explain how his laser worked and to finalize the cost.  He explained the Surgeon’s fee for a TURP procedure is around 60000 Pesos…$5000 but the hospital fees were not included…another 12000 pesos or $1000.  I’m looking at around $6000.  NOT This year! Maybe next. 

      I bought a nice Argentinian Sausage Tortas and my English News at the Friday Market in Llano Park then ate it at the library.

There is a “Performance Art” play of sorts , in front of the Basilica at 5 pm. I went home, freshened up and returned to watch.  Got a smile out of me.

      Today I was to have met BUD, as 87 y.o. now resident of Oaxaca that has a Kindle Fire 8.9 top of the line computer for sale, but I cancelled with an offer of $260…half of what he paid.  I will buy the HDX 8.9 when I return to replace my dead Toshiba. Now off to the Opera.

      I arrived just after the lights went down but my ticket was waiting so after a few minutes adjusting to the dark, an usher showed me to my seat next to Helen and Gil. 
Rusalka by Dvorak was sung in Czech by Renee Fleming, Piotr Beczala, and Dolora Zajick .  It was four hours with two intermissions and interviews with the performers from the MET in NYC. The Oaxaca Opera House is truly a beautiful building. Cost $12.

        We ate dinner at Biznaga and as usual I was too busy devouring the food to take a photo.  We had Tuna Seviche, Fresca Ensalada, Pollo marinated in Oregano, with Rice. Wine, German and Domestic Beer followed by two Coconut Flans with Carmel Mezcal Sauce and Chopped Walnuts.  I had the Mango and Kiwi Mouse with Oporto Port wine.  I took Quiche and salad home for lunch tomorrow. Good Day.

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