Doctor’s Visit

       Dr Z, acting as my interpreter, met me at Dr M’s office.

Dr M’s Receptionist

 Dr M did a sonar scan of my prostate and announced it was small…good sign.  I explained my desire to have a TURP operation and he agreed as long at I could come up with around $7000.  Maybe by November if I get lucky at Texas Holdem.  He gave me a script and I gave him 600 Pesos Cash as requested.  
     I went to the library…good place to meet people. … there was Mary giving a lecture, Kay busy chatting, Bill who helped me with my computer…Peter gave me the last of the coffee along with an English muffin etc.

My Barber

           I was going to see a Mural but they close 2-4 pm for Siesta,  so just wandered…first time since I arrived…talk about busy.

  It was pleasant.  I found a new hang out for coffee on Gran Vigil just down from Biznaga.

 Then I went to the Mercado to shop but what I wanted was perishable and would be yuck by the time I arrived home so I spent an hour trying to recharge my phone …my battery was low according to them…yet it worked fine…cost 120 Peso and I have to go back to activate my new SIM…they couldn’t recharge…I do need to speak Spanish.  I met with Courtney for Happy Hour at Biznaga then left with take out for home…arrived 7:30 tired .


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