Gringo Happy Hour…at the Mex-Can Bar

    The Zocola or Main Parque in the Center of Oaxaca.  The Main Mercados are within walking distance, the Museums, Restaurants, Cathedrals, Parques , Theaters, and the Basilica.  There are Schools and Universities a short bus ride away.  Much of the area surrounding the Zocalo is Pedestrian walkways and outdoor cafes. Concerts are held in the open area, parades, dances, festivals, and all variety of events.

Getting Married
Eating Corn

     It is also a Hub for the bus , taxi and collectives.  Collectives are mini vans and taxis that go to specific places in the villages out of the city for cheap.  You sometimes wait until the vehicle fills up before they take off or you can pay more depending on how much of a hurry your in.  Great way to meet people.

    Darcy Ell and his Sister Pat live south of there and I live North. I have been to Pat and her companion Dicks’ home near Darcy’s when I visited him one day.  We choose to meet at a bar in the center for convenience for a Gringo Happy Hour every week or two.  It is a Mexican bar but some of the Mexican’s customers have worked and lived in Canada.  Darcy and his sister are from Calgary, Canada so we call it the Mex-Can Bar.  The owner provides us with Botanas (like with a drink) and it’s always 2 for 1 beers.  The bill is seldom over $8 apiece after about 2-3 hours of solving the world’s problems.   We are all CouchSurfers.  Pat and Dick traveled all over South and Central America in their Motor home before settling here about 7 years ago when they barely avoided another accident along their journey.  They rented a home in the country with a beautiful yard then proceeded to fix it up into a nest for them and their 3 dogs.  CouchSurfer’s from all over the world keep them busy and entertained quite a bit of the time.  I’ve met a couple from New Zealand traveling through on a Motorcycle from Argentina…and a photographer from LA taking a week long course at the Photo Institute taught by a famous artist.  We share stories about our travels, Oaxaca, the world, and it serves a good outlet for me after very little conversation with anyone other then service personal for the last week.

Darcy and the Mex-Can Bar

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