Haircut and shoppin…

     Helen, a long time traveling friend of mine from Rochester New York, had recommended Las Mariposa B & B when I came back in February this year.  That is where I found my landlady, Teresa, the owner of the Mariposa and my condo.  Marjorie had left to return to Scottsdale and Helen was planning a winter trip.  She requested I look into a place this week that she was considering.

Mercado near Helen’s possible Apartment

Knock,Knock, Knockin on Heaven’s Door

Soledad Basilica

Organ Concert

$4.50 …I went back and time 1957

    Yesterday I decided to visit the area , get a haircut, pick up my application for Residency, have keys made for emergency, get some paint to finish my Coat Rack, and have a nice lunch.  I was late to pick up my application at Immigration but pleased that I got all my errands done.  As I approached home I was daydreaming about painting the coat rack when I realized I was almost at my stop so jumped up and exited the bus …then realized the paint was on the seat.  Tomorrow I will return and do it all over. Living outside of town does have it’s drawbacks.  These are my neighbors:

Took 15 minutes to make me 22 copies for Residency but she’s my neighbor.

It’s Tlayudas…ayuda is “help”…OMG

My Laundress…excellent but too much softener.

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