Cuiadad Del Los Cantera

      The bus that takes me into and from Oaxaca when I leave my Shangri-La for the “village” passes McDonald’s.  There is a stop just before that at the VW Dealership that is a transfer point for lines going North and South as well as East and West.  Everyone just calls it the McDonald stop.  One day on the way home I noticed a Parque off to the right that went down into what appeared to be a canyon.        There were some Gaudi Steps leading into it and a wall that led to a stairway.  I made a note to visit and a couple days ago I took my camera, shopping list (Mexican Home Depot and a Mercado close by) and was off.   I exited the bus, toured a small market for Peanut Butter then crossed the Camino International over the foot bridge to the Home Depot near the Parque.  It was closed on Saturday…which is the busiest day of the week for Home Depot USA.

    I walked to the parque entrance and took pictures from the overlook.  Half was a four foot high wall and half was a cliff dropping into the canyon.  I was really getting Vertigo.
     I was very impressed with the view so had no problem exploring the park.  There weren’t many people for such a beautiful Saturday.  It reminded me of a miniature Balboa Park in San Diego.  Nice ponds, bridges, paths for bikes and people.  Children’s play area, statues, nice landscaping with flowering bushes.  Trees everywhere. The name means Center of the Quarry.

      I walked about 45 minutes before returning to shop at the Mercado.  .peanut butter…No…Tonic…no….I just bought a bunch of stuff because I didn’t want to waste the trip…more Ramen noodles…a six pack (behind locked refrigerator…then had to send an attendant to get me 6 cans of beer…it would be at the cashier when I checked out) no pro-biotic yogurt, no grapefruit juice, had to open the vault to get a liter of Bacardi, and then when I checked out I had to go outside and re-enter to get my handbag that I left in security in order to load everything to carry back home.
      The two BIG adult males that I had to share the back of the MotoTaxi with appreciated that…the driver had to get out to push the door shut and get us in.  I got home…to a barking dog.

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