Damn Dog Dilemma

    I’ve am prejudice against barking dogs next door to me.  Don’t misunderstand me, I love dogs but a barking one that is outside all day long that does nothing but bark deserves to eat his Master when he/she returns home…if that day or that week.   I tried to befriend this little yapper and his older mentor called Leah (old dog can barely let out a “woof”).  I can’t wait for that to happen to the “yapper”.  He barks me down when I try to say…nice dogie…please shut the fuck up…probably senses that I’m a threat.  Yesterday I threw water on him and that worked…for a minute.   I didn’t actually get the water to land on him…he/she is a quick little yapper. This is the best picture I was able to get.


 The dog can go 15-45 minutes without stopping.  I videoed the clock inside my house so the owner can hear the barking as I do .  That is what happens when her daughter leaves for work. The patio below my balcony is walled and is where the dog shits.  There is a Porsche Carrera parked there permanently.  It is surrounded by dog shit.  There is a BMW parked in front of their locked gate but no one is around….oh..except the barking dog and his/her occasional barking dog mentor.
       I was getting to like the water boarding treatment…it didn’t solve the problem but at least the dog paid attention.  I was starting to feel in control.  I even thought of making an offer to purchase this whole unit…downstairs and up…evicting the landlady’s daughter and her dog, moving in permanently and renting out my place as a Naturist BnB.  Advertised discreetly this could be, not a gold mine, but a continuously rented out source of income.


        There are other “wild’ dogs in the complex of Villa Del Antigua.  I befriended them in hopes they would eat the yapper if he escaped…would be an accident you understand.  The wild dogs are Butch, Fi-Fi, (his old lady) and Fido…Butch’s 4 month old son.  They seldom bark except when a car pulls in the drive and almost run them over where they sun themselves all day.  Butch has half an ear and the other doesn’t look so good.  He struts with a limp.  He has been around.  I pet him and he almost gave me a blow job…obviously starved for affection.  Butch started sunning himself in front of my door and greeting me with a wagging tail and a desire to be petted…everyday.  He would walk with me until the MotoTaxi picked me up or to the store and back.  Then Fi-Fi started following Butch and of course Fido had to follow.

Union of MotoTaxi Yartareni

      All the MotoTaxi drivers know me now and 70% speak fluent \English and love to play dumb and then say something like…”Have a good day Man…hang loose”  as I’m getting out after just struggling to talk to them in Spanish.  When I see Karen, Juan , Carlos or any of them…I ask…where did you learn to speak such excellent English…I attended school in Monticello N.Y. for 7 years, I worked in NYC for 10 years, I attended grade school in Mississippi, grew up in Connecticut , Chicago, L.A. , Denver, even Buffalo!
     I am leaving in less than a month for about 4 months to visit my family and friends.  Also to settle up things for a time so I can stay away longer….doctor’s appointments, bills to pay, and hopefully renters to welcome.   If I can’t rent it…I’m ready to sell at a loss and lose it.  I like this place. The view is nice…no A/C or Heat…windows open year round with plenty of light and sunshine.   I’m a loner but also love to socialize and share travels, sex, good and bad times with someone.  That someone has been a lot of special people in my life but not lately.  I’m not worried but getting anxious…for travel …anyone want to go to Belize or Cuba for a month or so?

      I walked down to the copy place and had my documents done so now I was going into town, not to waste a trip, I dropped my 4 Kilos of laundry to pick up on Monday.  I got the bus into town after.


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