The Coat Rack…

      Today I painted my Coat Rack I bought in the street.  I painted it a Royal Blue to go with the Orange walls….they are my high school’s colors.  This is symbolic as I have never had a place to hang my hat anywhere I lived.   It must mean I’m here to stay?
     The laundry lady said Monday pick up so off down the road and back.
      The restaurant across the street was busy.  I ate there yesterday to try out the Breakfast Buffet for $8.50.  I can’t complain or say much about the food other then I didn’t leave hungry.  It was called El Escondido and was famous in Oaxaca for it’s assortment of Oaxacan food on it’s nicely done Buffet.  Last week the ownership changed the the name became Isabella’s.  They have a Mariachi Band and other music on different days. I was welcomed and seated immediately by a friendly attractive lady.
A gentleman asked if I wanted Coffee or Chocolate and directed me to the buffet.

 I ordered an Omelet from the lady cook and dished up an assortment of Beans, Pasta, Cheese, and eggs dishes.  When I returned to the table muffins, and sweet rolls were there with my coffee .   The waitress came over and introduced herself and said if I needed anything to just ask.  I got my Omelet and went for more juice when she intercepted me.  Please allow me.  When I finished I requested the check from the waitress…she said something in Spanish I didn’t understand but assumed it was the amount of the bill so I just gave her 200 Pesos.  I knew the dinner was 135 .  She had to get change and while I was waiting a young man with his baby son in his arms came up to me and explained she said 90 Pesos.  I thanked him and asked where he learned such good English…North Carolina where he worked for 4 years. The MotoTaxi drivers, servers, clerks, …everywhere you go…I lived in Seattle but hated the cold, Mississippi, Tempe, etc….He was very friendly and helpful.  He said he did like North Carolina and missed it a lot.  Someday I’ll sit down and listen to the “rest of the story”.
    I digress. I got back home with my laundry and decided to have dinner in town at Biznaga.  It was around 4:30 and I arrived at Biznaga at 5 p.m. after visiting the start of Festival for Oaxaca. Some pics below but I’ll explain this later.  It will be a busy week.

    I had a nice Chicken and Salad with my Bread and Wine…then toured the Carnival…it was over 100 stands with games of chance, food, crafts, music, and fun for everyone.  Mexican’s love this stuff and the whole City was out to enjoy.  The buses are packed now and lines are everywhere. I felt good when I got on the bus for home.  Just after I arrived at 7pm a major thunderstorm hit and a nice warm breeze flowed through the house with the smell of rain.

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