Sam’s Club and Lost in San Lucia

     My condo still lacked a Micro-Wave…essential in Mexico with no oven.  The two gas burners made it possible to cook Spaghetti, scramble eggs, etc but the Micro-Wave is faster and easier for heating up the leftovers or morning coffee.  A taxi would be necessary to haul it as well as a couple chairs and groceries to stock into my new/used refrigerator.  
    There is a huge Plaza de Valle in the south of Oaxaca.  The bus took me to a Kentucky Fried Chicken where two breasts of Chicken at $3 total served as a satisfying lunch before a two hour shopping spree at Sam’s Club.  The plaza has Sears, McDonald’s, Domino’s, a large Mexican Grocery store, car dealerships, the usual.  Most of the shopping list was procured. I then took a taxi for $100 pesos or $8 to take me to my front door.  The ride on the Bus with another transfer to go South took almost one hour.  The ride home …around the outskirts and right to my front door took 10 minutes.

Political Rally

Obsolete Confessional

      I finished unpacking and arranging everything the next day and took a bus into the town for a doctor’s visit.  I visited Dr Z, the local recommended doctor, a few days earlier to establish my records with him and meet my new doctor.  He discovered my Blood Pressure had gone off the wall and added new Meds to my list.  I was returning to get a long term script for them.  They solved the problem.  The Medicine was Over the Counter in Mexico and costs $3.50 for a months supply…I bought 6 months supply. 
        Later that evening I had a nice dinner and was waiting for a bus when along came one to San Lucia…my last stop to my house.  I didn’t recognize the Route but it was going to San Lucia so I jumped on.  San Lucia was 1 mile from my last stop which is where the bus turns to go to the village.  This bus was taking the similar route that my Taxi took so if it let me off in the center…I could walk to my stop and on to my house.  
      It was getting dark and rain was threatening.  San Lucia was a bigger village than I was aware of.  There were political rallies going on, the street were crowded with people and I had no idea where to get off.  I was hoping the bus would end up at my stop but instead it went through the town and miles to the other side.  I finally got off and started walking while asking directions.  No one understood and seemed confused by my requests.  I saw a main highway and flagged down a taxi. When I gave him my address,  he looked at me and asked if I had been drinking?  Mescal! Right?  No?  Then why are you here, miles away from your home?  I tried to explain I was trying to take a bus shortcut.  50 Pesos and 5 miles later I arrived home in the middle of a rain storm…but home and safe.  

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