Fourth of July

     The organizers of this annual event arranged for those with cars to stop by the Library and give a lift to those who didn’t.  There were more who didn’t than did so we pooled for a taxi with four of us.  $1.60 a person and we were not far from where I lived.  

Apropriate…Red White and Blue

He just looks mean.

    The celebration was being held at a gringo’s B & B of over 7 years.  It was a paradise of expansive gardens set back at the end of a road with a nice view of the Mountains.  Lots of Objects of Art both indoors and out.  The rooms I did get to see were nicely decorated.  There was a raffle to raise funds so everyone bought tickets.  There was a table with linens for sale..tablecloths , napkins, wall hangings, etc.  A live band played 50’s and 60’s music.  My Doctor was the drummer and singer for the band.  He had his son, around 25 years old, there to share the day.  They looked like twins. I knew a few people and met a lot.  

West Point

My Doctor

Spirit House

      One lady stood out with a West Point cap on.  She was in her 80’s so I inquired about the hat.  Her father, husband, son were all West Point graduates and her nephew is the Superintendent   of the Air Force Academy.  Most people were accomplished retirees but friendly, easy going and had living full or part time in Oaxaca area for up to 30 years for some.  
      They had a cash bar set up and grilled hamburgers were served along with assorted salads and an American Flag cake.  There was a flag displayed that dated to 1819 with 21 Stars…the 21st being the admittance of the State of Illinois where the flag was purchase by Chuck’s father year’s ago.  Chuck is a retired lawyer from Monroe Louisiana and had successfully taken a case to the Supreme Court in the 60’s and won.
    Late that afternoon the party broke up and I took the back of a pick-up truck to one of the main roads, taxi to the bus stop, bus to my road and a MotoTaxi to my house…only to discover I still had no water. 
    A road crew had been working on a water line and shut off my water so I took a cold shower that morning.  They assured me it would be completed by 8 pm that evening.  I returned to town for dinner then back around 8 to find NO one around and no water to flush the toilet or shower.  10 pm that evening it just came on?
Happy Fourth of July

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