Adios Oaxaca…see you in June

           I’m on the  VIP bus and have my computer plugged in but no internet connection. I did want to email Kay and Nora about subletting their apartment in June if possible.  Meanwhile I’m so much more comfortable on this bus with plenty of leg room.  My seat is wide and has a “lounge like support for your legs so that when you recline the back, it is almost like a bed.  I have an entertainment center with remote and headphones for video or musical entertainment with my own private screen built into the seat in front. There are 8 categories of movies and 9-13 movies in each category.
       They also offer complimentary beverage when you board.  When I return in June I’m applying for Senior Pass card that will allow me to travel  anywhere this bus line goes for 1/2 price.
That would save me a lot.  I can go to San Miguel Allende, Compeche, Merida, Cancun, Porto Escondido, etc and I will.  When I get settled in, there is a network of Gringos that exchange places…I go to your apartment in San Miguel and you come to mine in Oaxaca.  Half price transport and free place to stay…I can see a lot of Mexico and save enough to travel to South  and Central America…as well as anywhere in the Caribbean. Well I think I’ll watch a movie..whoops, I don’t speak or read Spanish.
    I took a nap a read a lot.  I started Dracula a long time ago and never finished it.  I started it again and hopefully will finish it this time.

    We pulled into Tapo Bus station around 8:30 p.m.  It was dark and dreary. A taxi driver accosted me as I was exiting the terminal.  I was trying to be cautious of pirate taxis but he had a badge so I followed him to the taxi. Normal looking but a little run down. He told me it would be 180 pesos to the hotel.  I balked and was going to offer 120 when I remembered paying 140 when I took a cab to get to the station and that was daylight.  I agreed and we started down back streets with no one but garbage pickers looking for dinner.  The streets were empty as was the businesses. It looked like a warehouse district all boarded up.  I was getting nervous and asked if this was the way to the Zocalo. He assured me it was a shortcut away from the traffic.  15 minutes later we approached the Zocalo and after going around a few one way street we arrived at the Canada.

          My room was ready and about 400 pesos less for the three nights than I remember being quoted.  The room was pleasant enough with a lightening internet connection in the room and a safe to store the computer, passport, tickets and money in.  Breakfast came with the deal.  I ran next door and brought a hamburg and fries up for an evening snack.  Midnight came and I retired.
         They offered me a breakfast menu on the roof top dining room. I had and American breakfast then  stopped at Starbucks for a Latte and to read a little news of the Oscars. I headed for the Mexico Museum of Art and spent the morning taking in the place.  I walked about a bit before returning to my room to relax and edit the photos I just took.  I did get Kay to sublet her studio in June and wrote a note to her landlady of my intentions to lease Gabriel’s studio if she was OK with that. He doesn’t leave until Fall I believe.

Sidewalk Painting

Goat Skulls

Watch the Dog eat the Man

Where do I sign?

        I decided to get some exercise and walked to the Zocalo where the Military was putting on a show for the children in hopes when they grew up they would become Federalies like them. I thought we were bad to have ROTC in college and recruiters in High School.  These kids, male and females were enjoying the whole day.  Parents too.
       I had some lousy Spaghetti Italiano and a glass of wine with an Ice Cream on the way home.
The Hotel TV has cable but no English speaking stations. I can access local Phoenix news on the computer and play some poker before retiring.

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