Sunday…do nothing

    Today is my last full day in Oaxaca.  I leave tomorrow on the 2:30 p.m.. VIP bus to Topo Bus Station in Mexico City then a taxi to my room at the Canada Hotel close to the Zocalo for three days.
     Paul and I went out to eat last night.  I had wanted to try the Crespa…a restaurant and cooking school.  They have a roof top dining where we ate.  I tried to get a photo of another procession with a band from above but missed it.   We had some appetizers and a glass of terrible warm wine they headed for Biznaga to have another glass of real wine.  Paul had been there before after dark and said he couldn’t see to read the menu…it is in an open courtyard and at night it is barely lit. Tonight was a full moon and a graduation. We returned and he retired to be refreshed for an all day tour.

     This morning a group of Honored Citizens did the 5 K run in Llano Park before returning for Juanita’s Tamales with Hot Chocolate. I should go for a walk. Saw the Sunday Zumba crowd, a choir by the church, kids playing soccer, and a karate class.  Missed the 33 piece band at the Zocalo.

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