Saturday another apartment to lease…

        I walked over to get my Latte fix after breakfast and noticed another fiesta at the church nearby.  Mass was going on so I stepped into a full church.  It was around 10 am and tents were being put up in the courtyard.  I made a note to return later.
    Kay , true to her work, called Yuko and when I went to check my email Yuko was there awaiting my questions.  I emailed my list to her and thanked Kay.  I posted my blog and am off to see Gabriel’s studio with Kay.

      It was nice and I will take it when he moves to San Sebastian Spain.  His brother is in Princeton.  He is very classy and intelligent young man.  The studio was basic but had the internet connection, refrigerator, microwave and 2 burner gas hot plate.  It is within walking distance of the Centro area of Oaxaca.  Now how to pay for all this???  I tried honing my Poker skills but to no avail…I just don’t know when to Fold!
    I walked back to the church but no food stalls so returned to Mariposa to eat my leftovers.

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