Russian Ballet…too late.

      This morning I gave Lucia my contact information in case there was any reason they needed to get in touch with me.  She booked an all day tour for me to Mitla and Tule. I asked for the tenants phone number so I could visit them one more time with last minute questions.
      I arrived at the Teatro to purchase the tickets but both performances were sold out so I stopped at my favorite Cafe Los Cuiles for my first “healthy” breakfast in a long while…fruit and yogurt.

      Teresa was in the office and gave me a print out of the address and Yuko’s, the tenant, phone number to contact so I could meet once more with them.  I attended my third and last Mexican history lesson at the Library.  Paul was out reading on the patio and told me he apologized to the irate lady about our  behavior and invited her to join us tonight…NO ,but thanks anyway.

     I am going to my happy hour but might try another restaurant for dinner. I went to La Quenque that didn’t serve wine but had good food at reasonable prices.    I was starved.  The place was full and I got the last seat.  Husband is Chef…wife the waitress.  I ordered a chicken dish that came with salad , flavored water, rice and vegetables. The  chicken turned out to be fried breast that covered the whole plate.  The salad was a meal in itself with radishes, tomato, carrot, and avocado on a bed of fresh greens. Under the Chicken was rice with fresh broccoli , mushrooms and squash. I had to take it home.
      Then I went back to Biznaga for my Chilean Merlot fix.  I noticed the kitchen in the back was larger than the dining room.  It was huge and well set up and staffed. I have a tour tomorrow and have to move so am off to early bed.

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