Tuesday..off to the country

          Theresa told me she would have her Maintenance man drive me out to meet the tenants at her apartment for rent in St Augustine .  It was 9:30 so I inquired but she insisted we had until 10 a.m.  I agreed but thought she told me it would take 30 minutes.  Manana David..this is Mexico..relax.  Finally at 10 to 10 we left and of course arrive late but not by much.  A young Japanese couple were waiting to show me around.

 I took some photos and asked a few questions.  They have a car and a free space there in a lot.  It is located  away from the village. They said they rarely go tto the village because there is nothing there. A 10 minute walk to drop the laundry…gas is delivered in a tank if you call…they keep a parking space in Oaxaca for their convenience that cost 600 pesos a month.  A large patio, lots of light and a spacious living room and bedroom convinced me I needed to have this place.
     I walked back to the main road…about 15-20 minutes and took a taxi from the bus stop into town.  $1 dropped me a couple blocks from the main area. It had been less than one hour and so I went to Marco Polo for breakfast then returned to La Mariposa.

 Stopping at the Library on the way, I talked to Kay. She made arrangements to meet with Gabriel this weekend to view his place and I told her I was not taking the other in town place that her landlord referred me to because of the barking dog. She already had someone to take it and still hopes I will take Gabriel’s place…if I do, I will have two places.
    I told Luci at Mariposa that I was interested and wanted a better year round lease price.  I would pay a deposit after I got the price and agree to rent it year round starting in June.  I hope I can leave a lot of my stuff here for when I return.  I’m taking a siesta then might go explore the North Colonial part of town called the Reforma this evening.

        I ended up at the Oaxaca Cultural Institute…a language school.  Then returned to Biznaga for Happy Hour and a great appetizer.  Returning to the Mariposa , Theresa was sitting in the office. I approached her about my offer and she agreed to 3000 pesos…150 less than I was going to settle for.  I offered her a deposit she refused…I suggested I would like to put plants on the patio and she said I could do what I want.  I requested to leave most of my stuff for the next 3 months instead of having to return with it later…no problem.  I asked if she wanted a written agreement…she shook my hand and said this is our agreement.  I previously thought this woman a bit off and now I think she has better sense then I granted her.  We have a deal and I am happy.  I still might take a place in town if I can make the same deal with Cynthia at the studio of Gabriel’s…the Russian Ballet is in town…

      Paul, the lawyer from Rapid City and another man Colin, an FDA official from Washington,D.C.  were chatting on the patio when I joined them with the news. Paul got a bottle of Bacardi Rum and the three of us solved the world’s problems.  We were just finishing up a Pizza Paul sent out for when we were told it was past curfew and our noise was disturbing the guests…go to bed!  It was almost 11 p.m. when I retired…we finished the bottle…I think.  My Astro Graph said: Do you really think that you can have it both ways today?  Now is the time to make a choice that you will have to live with….hmmmm!

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