Sunday and Monday

    I lost Sunday…went to church and stayed through the service to take photos of the beautiful Cathedral Santa Domingo.  Took a long walk after to find the address of the apartment I had an appointment on Monday to visit.  I found the street but not the apartment so headed for the Zocala.  I visited another church there and took some photos then tramped around the Markets to look at the Chocolate Shops.  I returned home late in the afternoon for dinner at the 100% Natural.  Nothing special and returned to Google Maps and try and find the apartment.  It came up right away with photos of the entrance.  It was no where near where I had been.  It was right around the corner from Kay’s.

    She had emailed and asked if she could come with me so Monday,after breakfast, picking up my laundry, then going to the news stand to meet the arrival of the Monday English newspaper I met Kay at her studio.  I had wanted to see the studio next to her and Gabriel told the landlord it would be fine but she didn’t have an extra key so he agreed to make one for her but wouldn’t be back until Saturday.  I leave on Monday.  We saw the one bedroom with kitchen and with a little fixing up could be nice for $275 a month.  There was a barking dog in the background that ruined it for me.  I told Perla that I would let her know by Saturday.
        I returned to the Lending Library and took a two hour course on Mexican History that was enjoyable.  When I got back to La Mariposa, Theresa the owner was there so I confronted her about seeing her one bedroom in St Augustine as soon as possible.  She had been avoiding calling the renters and Lucia kept mentioning it but she ignored her.  She agreed to call and Lucia talked to them and arranged for me to visit tomorrow morning.  I will leave at 9:30 with her maintenance man and he will take me to meet the tenants then leave me to take the bus home as I requested.  I wanted to visit the village as well as see what it was like to bus it on my own.
      I headed for Marco Polo, a highly recommended restaurant nearby but took the wrong entrance and ended up at Blu-lemon so ate there.  I hiked over to Biznaga for Happy Hour wine and an Iggy Pop dessert before settling in for the night.  Time flew by the last few days.  6 days before returning to Mexico City and I’m already getting teary eyed.

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