Saturday at the Opera

         Normal Breakfast, overcast day, dropped laundry, bought toothpaste…quiet and cool.

         I did stop over to my coffee shop and brought a Latte back to the room while I played on the internet.  The Lending Library has a Cultural and Language Exchange program every Saturday morning from 10 am to Noon.  It was packed with both Anglos and Mexicans sitting in small groups practicing there language.  A special room was set aside for the children of the participants to also learn and play together with Teachers to assist.
       11 a.m. I left to have some French Toast at my old neighborhood coffee shop near the Teatro where the Opera Rigoletto was being held.  I arrived almost last in line to get one of the only seats left in the front row. The Teatro was small and intimate but 5 stories inside and breathtakingly beautiful.

 Nora was there and agreed to meet me outside after the performance to stop by her home and call another Spanish speaking landlord about a room for me. The broadcast from NYC Carnegie Hall Live had started and I couldn’t see a thing.  I waited almost 15 minutes and still couldn’t see anything.  Then an usher took my ticket and directed me to my seat. I really was enjoying it even though it was in Italian with Spanish subtitles.  The lead was some Serbian singer and a great actor.  Then after one hour there was a 30 minute intermission.  I left for the bathroom and Nora stopped me.  She said it would be four hours long so she was going to cut out later.  I decided to cut out now after taking some photos of the Teatro…one of the reasons I went.  I would see it someday again I hope.  It took place in Vegas in the 60’s Rat Pack era with a Casino owner as Rigoletto.  I enjoyed the whole concept and was actually picking up some Spanish.  I told Nora I would see her at the apartment.

      I walked all around the area and took photos then headed toward her apartment. She hadn’t arrived yet so I went around the corner to Chianti Italian Restaurant and had a glass of wine.  I returned to Nora’s later but still she wasn’t in.   I sat outside her door until around 3 pm then tired and hungry, I left a note requesting she make the call and just forward the information to me on the internet.
     I took a siesta when a got back then went out to Biznaga for Soup and Seafood…the best meal I’ve had in 7 years at least.  It was outstanding creative, flavors that complimented each other, cooked to perfection and just eclectic. The Mushroom Soup accompanied by Stuff…could be anything but this was fresh tomato, avocado, red onion, and  chopped Celentro.  Other stuff could be chopped black olives, tortilla strips, etc.  The entree Al Pastor was Fresh Red Snapper with a chile rub broiled with a light chili sauce and served on a bed of fresh pineapple and onion saute with roasted marinated Cacti and fresh sweet onions. I left on a cloud.  The Chilean Merlot helped.

Great day again and it actually rained a few drops.

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