So when does it stop getting better? Friday

            My first night back I went to bed early and awoke around 9 a m.  I need someone to sleep with…keep waking in the night…restless…any offers out there?  I couldn’t wait to join the ‘crew” at breakfast.  The Mexican caterers weren’t there so I had to settle for the free coffee and cereal.  I paid my bill after complaining about the rate increase.  They did give my my original rate and I charged the balance owed.  Theresa told me she would contact the couple renting in St Augustine about showing the place to me for year round rental.  I’ve been told it is a ways out.  Jan’s place was way out and today I told her that I would not be renting her beautiful house with a view because it was too far from Oaxaca for me.

      I did contact Joe ,a retired teacher from Philadelphia Community College whose union supported his 12 hour workweek at full pay!  He retired after teaching over 25-30 years and also with his free time got to teach in Saudi Arabia, Guatemala ,Spain , and a number of other countries to supplement his hard earning 12 hours a week tenure. We met and took a short taxi ride with his Mexican assistant that lived at the house with his wife and three children. I took the tour and liked it a lot for the privacy, light, three bedrooms and a place to park a car and get naked.  It was a close 10 minute taxi ride too.   The problem was it would take some work to make it into my kind of place and half of my dwindling savings. It could yield an income from both Scottsdale and Oaxaca.

   We returned and I went to my coffee shop and bought some coffee from Chiapas to bring back to the US and stopped across the street to stock my communal refrigerator with some low fat homemade yogurt. I met an Englishman there that had a home in Long Island but bought some land many years back and after spending 2 and 1/2 years getting title to it built a home in downtown Oaxaca.  He gave me his card and some advice….get a good lawyer or notorio  that you can trust to handle any legal land transactions. Joe the seller said he has his own for us to use.  Hmmm…I thanked the gentleman and we exchanged cards.  I asked if he could recommend a trustworthy lawyer.  He would. The Friday Market in Llano Park was in full swing.

      I returned to Mariposa then off for lunch or Comidia at the place Kay and I dined with Micheal from Montreal.  It was great .  I was close to the place I was to meet to view an apartment for rent tomorrow morning but the directions were confusing so decided to walk off my meal and check out the neighborhood.    

    I arrived after running in circles for a while and a local knocked on the door.  I didn’t want to disturb the lady as she was living there but she welcomed me. This way I can sleep in tomorrow and I’ll show you the place now.  It was a quiet and friendly neighborhood she walked to and from the center daily with no problem. Mary was teaching English to young children and originally from California she lived in Minneapolis where she had a home as well as one in Arkansas.  Like others , she arrived and loved it but doesn’t want to commit to a long term lease until she has sold one or both of her properties. The area was quiet and nice…only one problem:


I thanked her and took a taxi to Biznaga for happy hour.

      I sat at the bar and had my Chilean Red but after watching the bartender mix a batch of Margarita’s , I decided to try one.  35% Tequila 35% Cointreau and 30% fresh Lime juice then poured over Ice. It was great and the bill was less than $8. I walked home and emailed Jan, Joe and Maya about the homes and apartment.  I still have more to see…tomorrow is my day to do my thing…I’m going to see Rigoletto. The first opera I’ve seen in years. Ta Ta.

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