Wednesday…Play Day

Egg McMuffin to go

Life’s a bitch

Whoa horsey 

Now that’s recycling

    I moved some of my clothes down to El Mariposa then stopped in the library to join as a member and get the for sale/rent listing to start calling.  I didn’t want to see a beautiful house and just commit to it.  I found others in town or closer to look at before making a final decision. Darcy told me it took his almost three months to find a place.
   Kay came in and introduced me to her friend Stewart from Nebraska that had been here 12 years. He is a retired “shrink” and she meets with him for counseling sessions.  He makes her feel good.  He made me feel good too.  Charismatic man.  Dave and Jean , the Canadians that had joined us at Nora’s for dinner a couple nights ago,stopped in.  They had been to Carnival Celebration in a village outside of town yesterday and shared their blog site with me.  We exchanged more information and I found out Dave is a folk guitarist and writes his own music with one CD out and another on the way.


     I had breakfast at the El Tipico then returned to the room for Siesta.  I hope they have the Danzon at the Zocalo this evening.  It was cancelled last week because of the protests.  I’ll find out.

I finish moving and meet with Jan tomorrow to see her beautiful home in the country.
     This afternoon I thought I would have a bite to eat back at Nazgaga but when I arrived the bar was full.  I only wanted a Torta and another glass of that good wine.  I walked around looking for something else and ended up in a high end clothing store where I paid $60 for a panama hat made and Ecuador and only worth about $25.  Then I passed all these boutiques with hats in the window made in Oaxaca…both had handsome hats for $6.  I couldn’t return it but figures if this store was so reasonable, I should buy a shirt there.  That was $15 and nice. I headed for the Zocalo to see if the Danzon was on for the night.  It was so I grabbed a nice seat in one of the few outdoor street cafes in Mexico and ordered Tres Empenadas  with wine as the crowd gathered.

  This dance was brought to Veracruz from Cuba and quickly spread to Mexico City and Oaxaca.  It is like a slow Tango but requires some special steps. Everyone had Red…I think because Valentines Day is tomorrow.  The men would get a Rose to give to the ladies.  One man got down on his knees and presented the Rose with what everyone thought was a proposal but I think it was his Mother and he was thanking her for being his Mother.  It was nice but I had to pack so returned and set my alarm.
     Jan emailed me that she wanted to travel to the local town to drop off some Valentines Day presents so we might return late afternoon.  Great.

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