Saturday…cool out.

      I started for my neighborhood coffee shop and realized the temperature had dropped overnight.

I returned for my sweater but still it was cold in the coffeehouse so I took my coffee back to the room.  Refreshing to say the least…sure it will warm as the day gets on.
      I returned for Breakfast then to the Museum of Photography.  Nice and they let you use the Dark Room and have classes in developing, enlarging and printing.  So high tech to what it used to be when I did it in my closet.
     Sent out some feelers about studio apartments I got off of Craig’s list…starting at $370…turned out that was the cheapest and by the week…$1480 a month…a studio like Kay’s for $300 a month.

If I don’t find something like she has, I can only come here for short time not residency unless I buy and rent out part of it.  That’s too much money for me…maybe Ecuador?
     It was Noon and I laid down foe a short nap and woke at 2 p.m.  Most siesta’s should be 2-4 p.m. when most shops are closed and yes it did warm up.  I visited the zocala , picked up some cheap souvenirs, had a beer and peanuts…er the pigeons got the peanuts and a tamale mole that was delicious.

     Meeting at 6:30 now has grown to 5 people.  A couple from Saskatchewan are joining us. I arrived at the Italian Restaurant with Kay waited for me.  It was a nice but slightly overpriced place. We ordered a Vegetarian and a Prosciutto Pizza but when we arrived no one was there.  We waited a while then Nora showed and her friends actually are her neighbors. They rent a nice two bedroom apartment for $500 a month.  We warmed the Pizzas and Nora brought out a salad, Dave and his wife Jean brought some cookies, WINE, and fresh Pineapple.  We had a lively discussion on immigration, the Canadians wonderful visit to Cuba, then Nora showed us her photos of Palestine and her recent volunteer work in a nursing home there.  It was 10:30 when I arrived home.

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