Friday…and another day in Paradise.


       Early to bed and early rise.  I woke this morning feeling really good.  Did some photo editing on early blogs of Mexico City and enjoying a leisurely breakfast at the coffee house next door. Nice Belgium Whole Wheat Waffle with Fruit and a Latte.

          I then visited the Museum for Oaxacan painters and artists to see an exhibit of Botero from Columbia. Quite different from his normal whimsical depictions of people. This was about the murders and slaughter of innocents in Columbia. Torture, bombings, kidnappings, etc. A large group of school children were on a private tour while the teacher explained the violence.
         I stopped at the bookstore and picked up Oaxacan Tips, a locally published book that everyone said I “have to have” and my first Newspaper about the outside world.
        Now to one of the oldest Cathedral’s in Oaxaca…Santa Domingo de Guzman that was a former convent. Construction started in 1575 and finished toward the end of 1500’s.  There is a museum next door that contains pieces of history that go back 10000 years.  Yes…this is one of the Cradles of Civilization…especially the food history. They are open only specific hours so I’ll have to visit tomorrow.

      I went off to meet with Kay and Gabriel at Kay’s house.  Hope to rent his studio when he departs.  He  doesn’t want to give it up but rather sublet.  I will see. I picked up a quart of beer to share but when I arrived she wasn’t there and Gabriel had left a note that he had to leave town.
Kay showed up just as I was leaving a note for her.  She doesn’t drink beer and doesn’t have a Church Key to open it.  We get the landlady’s opener and Kay inquires with her about any possible rentals.  I told the landlady that if anything changes in the future to let Kay know and she could email me.  I really liked this location because it is in the back so is secure and private yet in the center of everything.  We exchanged information and she gave me the name of her friend that also had rentals. Kay invited me in to watch a lecture of a Vietnamese Monk.  I knew of him and had read his writings. We sat in front of the TV for this short 20 minute talk. It was not a DVD but and audio CD with a 20 minute introduction by some guy that liked to talk.  When the Monk came on , I couldn’t understand what he was saying.  I excused myself and when off to have dinner.
Kay and I were to visit Nora Saturday around 6 pm to see her photos of Palestine.

       I want to see the sites, eat at restaurants, and stroll around.  I have to stop making meetings and commitments they prevent that.  I only want to get a hold of the CouchSurfer Darcy that has been living here.  I want to get a make perspective of Oaxaca.
      I arrived at La Olla just as it was getting busy.  I had three mini corn tacos. One with no-pales (cacti) one with Chicken and one with Beef…nice appetizer with a SMALL glass of house wine for $6.  I switched to the Olla house cocktail…a Margarita with chopped apples, chili and salt. Not great. Then the Chicken Mole.  There are 7 Moles…each has a different combination of Chocolate and spices.  Number 7 has 27 different spices.  It was good and I enjoyed the place though service was slow with one waiter for 9 different parties totaling over 27 people!  I’ll return someday. I have 6 more Moles to try.
     It had been a warm day but when I was at Kay’s a lot of wind came in and you knew the weather was changing.  I retired early and slept well.

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