Thursday and MY how time goes by when your enjoying your life!

     I walked to 100% Natural and had a yogurt fruit, and granola salad before meeting William Fredrick, from Long Island, at his office in his Hotel.  He explained the laws have changed and it it possible to open your own place but need a lawyer for the paperwork.  We exchanged cards and discussed the Cooking school his wife Nora, from Rochester,New York, teaches.
    I arrived at Kay’s to catch her in her robe chatting with another Nora, a retired lawyer from Denver.  She went to Madrid University for a year and met an Austrian she married.  He died a while back from Cancer. She just returned from a volunteer program in Palestine and worked in a nursing home massaging feet.  Never did it in her life.  She was having coffee with Kay after finishing her morning dance lesson. She also lived in Avignon for three months with a gay ballet dancer from Cuba that  taught Salsa.
     Kay and I bid her goodbye, I took photos of Kay’s place then we went to lunch at a nearby restaurant favorite.  We were early so I had another light breakfast and hot chocolate.  Then a dentist friend of Kay’s arrived with a party of 8 from Newburyport, Mass. Kay’s friend from Montreal arrived and joined us.  He used to deal in Caviar and now does reviews of restaurants in Oaxaca 5 months a year.  We now had lunch that was excellent. There is a large French tourists group that comes here a lot. Mostly to get out of the -23 C cold weather…snowbirds.

     I returned for siesta and will meet Kay and her neighbor tomorrow at 5 p.m. to discuss renting his place.  Her’s is always available to sublet while she is gone but his would be year round.  I’ve already got the wheels going for sub-letting my place in Scottsdale. I couldn’t sleep…I’m so high on this place .   I kept searching but never really knowing what it was I was searching for until now.  I’m in Nirvana.  I have never felt more at peace with myself and content as I do now.  This is the real Shangri La that I just walked into.  Every moment is bliss.

     I’m off to the Zocalo to visit the Botero exhibit and get some more Mexican Ice. I got the Ice…Tuna and Beso combo…heaven.  No Botero…leave it for another day.

    The dance troupe was out front practicing again. This time it was still some light so I got some better photos. Tomorrow I’m spending the day at the Zocalo and visiting the exhibits and museums.  I meet with Kay and her upstairs neighbor that hopefully will let me his apartment.  Then I go for Residency with a lawyer and meet the landlady.  Wish me luck.  Saturday we will meet again with Nora…I can’t wait…love david.

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