Wednesday and more change of plans…

                    Late to bed and early to rise…nice hot shower and off to Library to catch Kay. She had lunch engagement with friend and invited me but I still hadn’t had breakfast.  I really just wanted to make an appointment so I could take some photos of my possible back up place to stay…her studio.  We did set a time for coffee on Thursday and she invited me to a Dance In at the Zocalo that night.
      I saw the dancers practicing in my Square near by last night.  Looked very electric and could be a really good time.
      I went to the health food store to eat two more yogurts.  Still not back on track.  I ran across the street for that great coffee and a muffin after.
      The VIP bus station was right down the street and I decided I didn’t need to do another side trip.  If I came back, and I will, I will have months to take all the side trips I want .  I arrived and booked the VIP bus for the last minute to arrive in Mexico City in time to check in at the Canada.  I have large seats, leg room and an internet connection on the 6 hour trip.
   Now I had to extend my stay here, so stopped back at the El Mariposa and as luck would have it I added another 4 days..but will have to move into a smaller room.

     I was told about William from the USA that came here 15 years ago, fell in love with Nora whose family ran 3 Hotels.  They married and he stayed on and had children with her I guess and helped run the Hotels while she opening up a cooking school in Oaxaca.  One of the Hotels was right across the street so I went over to pay  a visit.  I walked in the door to what appeared to be a Spanish Villa….sorry..Mexican Villa outfitted with antiques and decorated with class.  The maid inquired as to my business and I simply said I was hoping to meet William.   She said he would return tomorrow and if I wish to see him she would call and I could set a time. William was perplexed as to why I wanted to see him and who was I.  I introduced myself and told him I had hoped to get some information from his experiences and could we have coffee at in the morning. We set a time to meet there at 10 a.m….the same time I was supposed to meet Kay.  I agreed.
      I returned to the library hoping Kay was back from lunch but they were having a big meeting of sorts and she wasn’t there.  I went next door for a Torta Chicken sandwich by the famous world renowned chef.  It was good and cheap.
     I returned home and emailed Kay about the morning and hoped I would see her at the Zocalo for the Dance then took a Siesta.
     When I awoke at 5 p.m.,I googled Dance in Oaxaca hoping to find a time.  Paul McCartney came up with one of the event dances they had in Mexico City similar to  what was happening tonight.  The dancers set the tone and then invite everyone to join and it becomes a real happening not to be missed.
      I ran down to the Zocalo all excited to find it was cancelled because of a protest going on in the Square.  Police were everywhere.

     Disappointed but excited to be there I waited a bit hoping to meet Kay but finally went to the market and found Chaguita’s flavored Ices.  It was so hot today I had a Mango Ice, then a Beso de Angel, then another ….and after having my photo taken with the owner….I wandered out as the Market was closing and headed for a recommend restaurant called Olivo.  Javier Olivo was the only customer and he had to get up and cook the Specialty of the house I ordered.  I was excited to have the Chef/Owner prepare my meal. That didn’t last past the first salty bite.  I ate the meal, paid and vowed never to return or recommend the restaurant again.

     Glad to be home…at 8 p.m. I caught up on these blogs and Kay had agreed to meet me after I met with William to get his input and advice on my plan to move to Oaxaca.

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