Moving Day..


       This morning I shit, showered , shaved and shined my shoes….well sandles.  Breakfast was a treat. The Indian ladies that contract the catering were doing  fresh corn tortillas and creating Pumpkin Blossom Tacos or Squash Blossom Tacos.  I had one of each then walked over to my new Coffee place a couple blocks away for a Latte doble with fresh Organic Chiapas coffee.  Finest in Mexico. It was the best coffee so far.  I stopped at the Health food store and bought a plain and a tamarind fresh yogurt to go.

          When I returned there was a couple from Israels talking about their travels through S.E.Asia so I joined them until Brad showed up.  He was one of the first I met and was a Rick Bayless groupie with suggestions on where to eat.  I took his suggestion when we ate at the market and thanked him.  He was off with his wife to somewhere outside of town. They come every year also.
    Well time for me to move out until next week .  I’ll be at the Posada Margarita then return for my last week here.
     This is an update on the explosion at the Pemex Building:
Pemex Explosion 31 January 2013 Mexico City Update

        The lending library was open so I turned in my keys, confirmed my return and left my bags in the office for a short time…which turned out to be 2 hours.
        Kay, a library volunteer greeted me and the door and asked me if I wanted to be a volunteer. I explained this was my first time in the door and I was interested in purchasing and possibly renting some property.  She took me to a bulletin board with posts on it, handed me a book of listings for rentals and property for sale then explained the different areas.  If you get out of the center and there is a demonstration or protests, all roads in and out will be inaccessible by bus but possibly a taxi and maneuver you in.
       I indicated I may want to return around the end of May or early June for a month or two if I get some leads on property and especially property that could be developed into a B and  B or with units on it that could be rented separate from the main quarters to supplement or pay for the main quarters.  She suggested I visit her apartment.
      We walked down the street a few blocks while chatting about the restaurant scene. Originally from Missouri and a Physcologist, she had been coming here for over 5 years and used to live in El Paso. She, like me and many others , fell in love at first sight.

      She stopped at a new Italian restaurant called Chianti Cafe. A Chef from Italy that worked the Toronto Restaurant scene for a number of years, just opened. His special board changed daily.  Today was Spring Rolls, Homemade Pasta with 4 Cheeses, Seafood Crepes, …maybe 5 choices, include desserts and starts out serving Hibiscus flavored water all for 70 Pesos. He was very personable. A good Chef but maybe not good business acumen.

   Kay turned the corner and we entered a pleasant courtyard with a hammock on the porch near her entrance, table chair and flowers. This is where she has her coffee.  It was a large open studio with a living area and behind that a sleeping area. Internet, water, and electric was included.  A separate toilet and shower with sink and in one corner of the Great room a small microwave and electric counter top broiler. Plenty of closet space. Sunny and airy. Sublet was 3900 Pesos and was available May until October I think.

      The bonus was a Mexican lived across from her on the second level and paid less. He was moving out in two months and I could take it then move my personal stuff in it.  Store my valuables in my locked storage area at the condo and rent the condo furnished year round. for maybe $1000 or $1200. Three months rent pays for a year in Oaxaca. I could have all kinds of options…let the condo for 3 months in season for $4500 while in Oaxaca or the other way around.
    We both were excited but I had to check in to my new place so returned to the library while she went to visit friends.
       I made notes of homes for sale…2-3 bedroom walled in house with two baths with one garage for $63K American dollars.  Villa with 4 bedrooms artist loft, view security system, well. etc for $250K American. My idea was to start renting from her and while seeing what the other months were like do research with an agent.  I already joined International Living. A professional organization that handles property sales all over the world for English speaking customers.
    The Mariposa had my bags ready and Jim and Pat were just going out to try out this new Italian place they heard about.  It was the Chianti so I decided to join them since the hotel I was moving to was not far from there.  I greeted the Chef and we all ate …total bill was 250 Pesos for the three of us…$21.   I agreed to meet with the Chef in the next few days to go over his shortcomings and pick his brain about setting up a legitimate business in Oaxaca.  I think he married a Mexican…our waitress. None of us enjoyed our visit.
       I then checked in and unpacked and am done for now.  It is getting dark soon so will email Kay to meet tomorrow to take pictures and discuss more. I have a great internet connection in this room and am all paid for the next 8 days.
       I invited Kay to join me at the Flaming Flying Pig or something like that.  The place that the International Chef has.   I first tried to see Jackie’s Tapestry at the Museum but arrived to late. They closed at 5 pm   This neighborhood, though a few blocks from my last is really nice.  The restaurants that were recommended to me are right outside my door.  When I did arrive to surprise the Chef, they were closed too.  I ended up going back to the 100% Natural around the corner.  I’m eating healthy and getting exercise.

When I returned to the park in front of my neighborhood a group of teens were rehearsing a dance number out front.  I videoed some but not sure how it came out at 8 p.m. in the evening.  I’m going to work on my photos and hopefully start posting more.  Photo is worth…a lot..

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