Monday…sleep in

I went out to El Tipico and has a great Huervos Rancheros.  It wasn’t anything like I’ve had in Phoenix or our border towns.  Fresh tomatoes puree over Poached eggs on a fresh made Corn Tortilla (did you know corn originated in the state of Oaxaca!) served with a small freshly baked loaf of bread to sop up the juice and a side of beans negro.  The garnish was thin sliced onion with fresh Celentro. I had a Mexican Hot chocolate con leche… oohs. 63 pesos.
    The unique coffee shop down the street was on my mind but closed so I returned again to the one close to our Hotel.  His Latte tasted almost the same at the Americano he served the other day.  He and his wife live in the back where the kitchen is and are beautiful people.  I feel sorry for him as he will never make it.
     The other small restaurant where I stopped in the day before to inquiry about finding a laundry, still intrigued me.  They were so professional and nice.  I found out latter that day that they both had worked in restaurants in San Francisco and returned to their home town to open their own.
     Jackie, a lady taking Spanish lessons here and has been coming here for years informed me of this.  She is from Mendocino County near SF. Now I have to try them out.
     The weather today is clear, sunny and warm.  I’m on the cool patio doing this when I should be out  walking. I need a rest and will get out with Jared tonight I hope.
     Jared had taken a long day tour and later wrote that they returned late and went out as a group.
He is off for Puerto Escondido tomorrow for some sun and swim.

     I ate at the 100% natural and had the house wine with Fresh Salmon topped with fruit on a bed of green beans and cucumbers.  Cooked and seasoned to perfection.  Jackie walked in so I invited her over. She had an Almond drink and a wild rice/brown rice dish with fresh vegetables.  She graduated from U of C at Berkeley in the 60’s , leans toward Buddhism, studying Spanish and taking cooking classes of Oaxacan cuisine.  We had a nice chat. 

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