Country Ride to Oaxaca

          I had a restless sleep as usual before a departure.  One dream I was with some friends from my home town and we were near a college campus headed for a big where house complex that we would sometimes go late at night to hangout. When we arrived the massive doors were shut and locked. We pounding until the doors swung open and the whole inside was a scene out of the inferno.  SS guards grabbed us and forced us inside while locking the doors behind. 
        It was live art.  A play we heard about in which the audience is captives in a concentration torture camp run by  German SS officers and none other than Hitler greeted us  with an ironic smile and a sinister grin while directing the guards to disperse us to different areas.  There were people laying in blood, beaten, cut and broken.  Some dead. Who were the actors and who were the audience we weren’t sure but even knowing it was a world acclaimed live impromptu theater production didn’t convenience us that it wasn’t real.  I never saw my friends the rest of the night. All were forced to crawl and if anyone stood up they were pushed back down.  
          I crawled past torture rooms and witnessed the diabolical Dr Mengala  carving up a body.  I tried to find a place to escape. There were screams and flashing lights, loud noises I couldn’t identify .  It was dark and I saw a hall that looked as if it might lead to and exit down the alley.  I started crawling trying not to be seen in the melee but a SS officer shouted something and in short order two men in jack boots were dragging me to a corner where Hitler himself pulled a knife and put it to my eye.  I could feel the blade on the side of my forehead and hear his laughter as he taunted me in German…Jew lover, Jew lover .  I should take your eyes out.
          The play was intended to have you experience the terror the camp prisoners experienced.  It did.  I was beginning to think this was real and I was going to lose an eye…I was terrified.
         Then the alarm went off and I collected my sheets, grabbed my suitcase, dropped the key at the desk, had breakfast while reading about the explosion at the Pemex building. They say it was an air-conditioner that overheated killing at least 24 people, leveling two floor of 54 and injuring another 80.  Air-conditioner exploded at an modern energy building in 75% weather.  I guess that’s why there were over 150 Riot police surrounding the Ministry of Justice when I passed by that day.  I could smell the smoke last night on the way to the bathroom.  It smelled like an incinerator.  Maybe that is what prompted the dream.  My taxi arrived and Edgar drove me to the bus station.  I got my ticket and am on my way to Oaxaca.

          I met Ed from Wexford Ireland. He was a farmer that took a couple weeks off and flew to Mexico City.  He arrived three days ago and was on his way to Cancun with stops in Oaxaca and other places on the way.  He fly’s back on Valentine’s Day from Cancun. The bus was nice but cramped , not the VIP bus.  I had my window seat but couldn’t move my legs jammed into the seat in front of me. The first few hours the pollution was so bad you really could see more that 1/2 mile.  When I woke the guy next to me to go to the bathroom, he asked if I wanted to change seats.  I did and could put my legs out in the isle for the rest of the 6 hour trip.  It seemed we were going up hill all the way.  When we  got to the mountain range…Sierra Madre…it cleared somewhat and the views were spectacular   I took a few pictures.  I watched three movies.  I couldn’t help it with one of the three screens on the bus in my face.  You couldn’t shut the sound off…so it was hard to sleep. 

      Astro Boy, an animated cartoon film with David Sutherland and Nick Cage but it was all dubbed in Spanish so you couldn’t tell one from the other. I wonder if they get residuals for that.
      Transformers with Vincent Tarrantino , Rob Lowe and some B actors.  Fair but went on and on and on...and the winner 127 Hours for the second time is highly recommended. The ending is great.  I can’t say I watched the whole thing since I had seen it before but for those of you that haven’t , put it on your list.
         We finally had a five minute stop before the last hour to Oaxaca.  I used the bathroom and though improved was still having problems.
         When we claimed our luggage at our destination, Ed from Wexford asked where I was staying?  He hadn’t booked anything and didn’t care about a B & B.  Too expensive.  Ireland is still reeling from the economy and despite the fact prices are still expensive in Ireland.  We befriended Jared from Seattle with a backpack and all walked into town.  I bought a beer round while we pondered our situation.  Ed bought the next.  I went to my  B & B while Ed headed to Jared’s Hostel with him.  We exchanged e-mails. Jared and I hope to do some culinary exploration.  He was there for the food too.  He had attended college for a year in Spain and almost taught at Pueblo Ingles where I did. He was fresh graduate then so took  a lucrative offer with an IT company instead, saved a lot of money and quit to travel 

         The La Mariposa Hotel that I was at was having impromptu Happy Hour when I checked in.  Walking through the courtyard to my room I noticed about 9 elderly ladies eyeing me up on the way through.  I just wanted to unpack and go out to eat.  I inquired about staying an extra two days but they are booked solid.
        Today was a holiday in Mexico and the Zocalo had tents with crafts and food stalls.  I got a couple tacos then a crepe dessert and after picking up some wine and water, returned all excited to get on the internet in my own room and explore more options in Mexico.  Not to be.  
         When I returned I logged in but the signal was so weak that it took me over 30 minutes just to download 4 emails!  I was depressed.  How am I going to book another trip, room, tour…and do blogs photos and emails.  This was a waste of money so I vowed to start looking for some other places to stay tomorrow.  
        Darcy , the Couchsurfer from Canada offered me a place to stay.  Two barking dogs and a smoker didn’t excite me but he and I are supposed to meet tomorrow so I’ll see.  He sent me his contact phone numbers this morning.  
      It’s 3 am and as you are aware…I can’t sleep.

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