Last Day in District Federal

       I’m ready to go out and visit a site today.  As I write this I have a loud speaker blaring some Mexican Dance music,workman refinished the bar that was just painted but someone ignored the sign WET PAINT and the whole bar had to be redone after five executives had to assess the damage.  I’m going to see the Diego Rivera museum and see what else I can squeeze in before I pack for my departure.

      It was a warm and sunshiny day.  Everyone was out and about. I felt better and stopped at Starbucks and kept everyone in line waited while I tried to pronounce a Raspberry drink special on the menu..repeating my mistake over and over while pointing to the menu. Finally I was laughing at myself along with the line of customers while trying to apologize for my bad Spanish.  I sat out on one of the few sidewalk Cafe’s I have seen in the City.  It was pleasant.  I took some photos then walked on to the Diego Rivera Museum. I passed through the park but it wasn’t where I remembered it on the map.  I went down another street and approached a young business man that spoke little English but offered to walk me there.  We chatted a bit. He designed a program for University of Phoenix but has never been there.  It was outsourced to Mexico. Interesting that a Private college that teaches IT has to source it out to Mexico City for their program. We laughed and bid goodbyes.

The long line for ATM very common sight.

Mom and Dad keep me tethered to this rope while they make lots of Money pretending to be authentic Indians . They play music and sell CD’s maybe you’ve seen them all over the world?

That’s my Aunt and Uncle..we all sleep in the flower bed.

This gets boring…sometimes I dance with them.

       I paid my entrance fee and another fee to take photos of the Mural Diego was famous for.  There are 75 different points of interest all explained in both English and Spanish in front of the Mural.  I took pictures of it all and on the way out requested a copy of the explanations of the points of interest.  I expected they would have a copy to sell…stupid me…why would they do that.

      There is something to be said for a NON  socialistic government.  Mexico politicians are the most corrupt in the world. They milk their country with their monopolies granted to businesses they pay them big bribes… Walmart is one that comes to mind and on the other hand exploit their biggest resource…the cheap labor.  Keep them happy and low pay.  I walked right into the Museum of Tolerance  A great idea and another way of keeping them happy without paying them.  Propaganda.  Give gays the right to marry…doesn’t cost anything and actually creates another market to exploit. I suspect the Minister of Culture has his minions running things while he is on his boat cruising to Panama to visit his cronies instead of finding inexpensive ways of making money for the Ministry of Culture like selling printouts of Diego’s famous mural that could be sold for a couple of Pesos.

      I took some photos of a beautiful courtyard fountain and water sculpture with large pieces of artwork that cost plenty…but no water was running …it was all stagnant and created the opposite effect.  Next door was the Minister of Justice…that was fitting I thought. Then as I was leaving I passed through a gate back out into the street to witness over 150 riot police lined up in full gear expecting an attack or something.  I stopped taking photos and went back to the VIP restaurant I enjoyed when I first arrived. This was another solid food meal with no problems.  I returned to the hotel to pack and catch up on my reading. I asked my lovely desk clerk that I’ve fallen in love with about the news and riot police.  This is the one year anniversary of an extended postponement of an austerity measure that goes into effect today.  Many people will lose their jobs and protests have been going on all week.  Keep the people happy.  I don’t know if we had riot police protecting Washington when the tax cuts were due to expire?  I haven’t gone out much at all after dark. It turned out to be a response to the PEMEX methane explosion that killed over 30 people.

   My fantasy lover is now making my bus reservation as there are few seats left for tomorrow. Seems everyone wants to get out of the city on Friday and head into the country.  I hope I get a seat.  Bye Bye..see you in Oaxaca…I hope.

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