Catch up Day…Saturday


 I had breakfast with the group.  The Hotel provides weak coffee and the Mexicans cook and serve you Tamales, Tacos, rolls, cereal, and some other things for 50 Pesos.  I had three Pina , Nuts and Raisins Tamales that were great.  The Taco was a meal but the coffee was lacking so a lady suggested down the street.

         I had laundry to do and the Lavanderia was close so I walked with one of the ladies but it was closed due to the holiday that lasted until Tuesday.  I knew I had to find a place to drop it so I could pick it up by Tuesday when I had to check out.  I walked around the neighborhood asking shop owners and felt like a Pledge for a Fraternity.  Oh yes go left then right two street and it’s right there…Right!  Then go back one street and down four…Right!  Then, then, then…surprisingly I was enjoying this and determined to find it.  I found it after about an hour of combing the area and taking pictures along the way.  I returned and did stop at the recommended Coffee shop.  Hola…Latte por favor. Te or Cafe. Cafe.  Americano?  Si Phoenix Arizona.  I paid and walked out and arrived to find no…Latte but an Americano Cafe.  I’m going to master the basics yet.

     Most of the afternoon was doing photos with the door open and the fresh breeze flowing through. Bruce called my Skype number 3 times thinking I had died so I returned his call and we chatted a bit with a great connection considering the Hotel’s is weak.Jared and I arranged a meeting for tomorrow and were going to get together tonight but he passed to go hiking.

        I returned  to 100% natural and tried some Hummus and a Leon Beer flavored with tamarind and frosted with cayenne and salt.  Not that great.  The hummus was. I had emailed and called Darcy’s home number and told him to join me but he never showed.  I should have called his cell. I picked up; my laundry not pressed but folded so well, I thought they were.  Not bad for $2.50.

     Back at the Hotel I situated myself on the veranda with some wine to do this. Others joined me and I finally decide to be social. Lots of fireworks going off all evening. Oaxaca is one of two of the poorest provinces in Mexico.  It is noted for it’s folk art and folk food. It is part of a triangle of food unique to Mexico and the world that includes Veracruz and Pueblo. It has the largest variety of Chili Peppers in the world.
       Off to Monte Alban Aztec ruins tomorrow and have to practice my first Spanish lesson…thanks teach.

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